Club Racer 2008

Where we started the development of the club racer in 2008.

The first step on the road to building the club racer was to have a bike kindly donated by life member Kevin Boss seen here with Ivan Hoey the originator of the idea. Ivan proposed the idea of the club getting involved with building a club racer to inspire the members who always wanted to do one but never got to do it. The idea was proposed at the AGM in Sydney in 2006 and passed by those in attendance. Since the bike was donated all those parts not needed Ivan has returned to Kevin. The club has kept the engine and frame and also the wheel hubs and some brake parts, the clip-on handle bars.

The next step was to try and raise some money towards getting the project started and to this end we got some stickers (thanks Dru) and sold them to anyone who wanted them and managed to raise enough to get started.

Kevin Boss - XS frame, wheel hubs & axles, engine, clip-on handle bars, brake master cylinder, shocks and various other small items. Kevin received a belt buckle for his generosity (paid for by Terry Gliddon) and given to him at the Greenwell Point ride.

Ivan Hoey - high ratio primary drive gears, bike building, planning and lot of running around (time off work, very expensive.)

Kevin Palmer - Mikes big bore kit, alloy triple clamps & machining of several small parts & many hours flow bench testing. He also made the fixtures for the flow bench to adapt the XS650 head.

Dave Taylor - XS performance coils and race leads & hosted two BBQ fund raisers.

Matt Moloney - Delorto carburetors and crankshaft modifications and a new billet camshaft when needed.

Terry Gliddon - rephase pin, swing arm, Vesconite and heavy spring cush drive kit, fork seals, anti reversion cones, fork spacers, polishing, megaphones, port casting material, transport of parts from Sydney to Portarlington then Warrnambool then Broadford, rear sets, sign writing on the race tent, information gathering, organizing the auction of Glen Voices' donated spares to raise money for the racer. Other fund raising including belt buckles, calendars and laminated XS engine wall charts + lots of phone calls. Donation of all money raised by selling back issues CD's at no cost to the club. Making jigs needed to hold the valves open for flow testing and making the jig for the crankshaft balancing. Bearing mount sleeve for the new secret racing crankshaft arrangement, machine crank pin for easy assembly for balance factor work. 

Drug Booker - Promotional stickers.

Daryl Hutcheon - Crankshaft assembly and welding, engine assembly, dynamometer time when completed .

Doug Gallie - Billroy seal kit.

Geoff Bamford - Front end parts, Koni shockers, BBQ fund raiser.

Herb Conlon - race stand, front sprocket 520 x 18t, advice and also played a large part in the success of the fund raising BBQ's in Sydney.

Mark Peatman - Rear sprocket 520 x 30t

Lance Stewart - Brake calipers and bead blasting services.

Ross Lawson - Racing oil & fork oil.

Anthony Fredrick's - Cash donation, thanks Ant great effort.

Mike Fitzpatrick - spare crankshaft, head, rocker box and barrels.

Mike Lalonde has donated conrods, crank bearings, transmission bearings and a wheel rim. He has also donated a rephased camshaft from Jerry Heiden and a set of stainless steel valves. Mike received a belt buckle for his generous donation (paid for by Terry Gliddon).

Steve and the Cairns boys had a BBQ to raise money for the club racer, thanks guys, great work!!!

Glen Voice - flow testing and advice. Donation of parts left over from his tracker build for auction to raise money for the racer.

Greg Baldock - Cash donation, thanks Greg it will be well spent.

Michael Kennedy wants to donate the rear shockers for the club racer.

Andrew Iggo - Cash donation, thanks Andrew.

Bill Wallis - Fork damper valves

Laurie Moloney - Mikes XS rocker arms

Greg Tow - Cash donation, thanks Greg for your generous donation.

Franc Trost - Exhaust header pipes.

Terry Gliddon & Dave Taylor supplied the Titanium for the valve spring retainers and Dave paid for the CrN treatment.

Nick McGinn - Made the Titanium valve spring retainers.

Dave Rayner - Bronze Kibblewhite valve guides.

New Sponsors
I just got off the phone to Michael Morse in the USA and he has agreed to sponsor our racer with some of his Pads and Shoes from Vintage Brake. Mike has proven to be a very helpful source of information as a racer with many years of experience racing an XS650. Mike also runs 650 Central an excellent source for parts for the XS650.

Kim Anderson in Canada has donated a race seat.

Discounts offered:-
Walter Preisig - Discount on suspension needs from YSS. I have spoken to Walter and he has offered us a very good discount.

Kim Anderson - Discounted fibreglass fuel tank (900SS Ducati style) and front guard.

Robert Lange (Lange Engineering Geelong) - Alloy stock for part fabrication at a discounted price.

Mick Jones of Classic Motorcycle Fibreglass (Moto Tumbi) - Discounted price for a race fairing.

And of course where would we be without the best source of new parts in the world for the XS650

Here's the club Racer with most of the donated parts we have so far.

We are also still seeking sponsors who will get their business name on the bike.

All being well we will end up with something like this which will be displayed and raced around the country. 

We are all set to make our first purchase for the race bike, Kim Anderson has sourced a fibreglass tank and front guard for us at a good price. This is too good an opportunity to pass up so we will be taking up Kim's offer. Here is a picture of the tank and seat as used on Kim's own racer. 

Kim's tank, front guard and seat are the same as those for our race bike.

These purchases will be a great start towards building our race bike project.

Update 24/11/08

We now have access to a flow bench to develop the club racer head. John Nash at Geelong Performance Imports has agreed to let us use his Super Flow SF-600 and with Glen Voices' help we should be able to get a good flowing head for the racer.

Glen just  happens to be an engine designer with Ford and he has kindly agreed to help with the project. I spent the weekend working in the shed to make the required fittings to to use on the flow bench so we could get going on the development as soon as possible. Kevin Palmer is making the adapter plate to fit the XS head to the SF-600 flow bench. Once we have all the pieces we can do a stock head as a baseline and start playing with some ideas we have to see if they work and hopefully we will gain an edge on the track.

Head fixture for lifting valves by a measured amount.

Kevin Palmer made the adapter for mounting the XS head to the flow bench (left) We still need to drill a few holes in it and add some studs like the sample on the right. The bore size is 75mm to simulate the XS standard bore size, we will also make another for the big bore kit (80mm).

The adapter plate bolted up to a head.

One of the first jobs we will be doing to the club racer is to modify the rear hub, it will be drilled to lighten it but will have the added benefit of also aiding the cooling. Mike Morses' racer gave us the idea of copying this design from a picture on his website.

Notice the holes drilled between the spokes how they also catch the fins in the middle of the hub, this effectively increases the surface area of the fins increasing the cooling. The other holes drilled radially around the centre of the hub behind the sprocket also help by ventilating the brake drum and all of the holes lighten the back wheel helping the suspension to work better because there is less unsprung weight. It is this attention to detail that will make the difference in racing.

Update 27/12/08

We now have the camshaft we will be using in the race motor and it is a MikesXS billet cam that has been rephased by Jerry Heiden in Holland and we were also lucky enough to get some of MikesXS stainless steel valves. We now need to get some performance valve springs, retainers and seals to complete the set. Cam bearings, chain, guide and adjuster will also be needed. If you would like to donate any of these please let us know.

Glen managed to get access to the flow bench at work just before Christmas so we now have some baseline flow data for a stock XS650 head. This will be essential for comparison purposes when we start modifying our head so we will know if we are going in the right direction with our modifications to the ports.

As you can see our data (GV trace) varies from that supplied by Mike Morse (US trace) so we will need to do another session on a different flow bench for comparison, luckily we have access to a Super Flow 600 at Geelong Performance Imports so we should be able to verify which set of data is closest to reality early in the new year.

I will also be talking to Mike Morse at Vintage Brake in the new year to get some of his excellent brake shoes and pads for our racer. (Mike is a new sponsor)

I just received an email from Kim Anderson and our tank, seat and front guard are almost ready to ship to Oz.

Kim has done us a very big favour organizing this for our race bike project and on behalf of us all I would like to thank him for his hard work, if you ever find yourself in Oz Kim I'm sure we can organize some laps on the bike for you.

2009 is here, so it's was time to make a start on the club racer.
I have stripped the engine down, degreased all the part's and headed over to Billroy Engineering to bead blast the cases.
Did a couple of my own cases at the same time.
Now I have to work out a needs & wants  parts list, so we can order the remaining parts required. 
I will press the crank apart early next week, ready for rephasing.

We got a special delivery this week from Ross Lawson at Amsoil, enough oil to lubricate the Queen Mary, thanks Ross.

One of our new members, Robert McKie, is an XS650 racer and I took the opportunity to talk to him at length about what we can do to our club racer to improve the handling and still be period 4 legal. 

I finally caught up with John Nash at Geelong Performance Imports yesterday and returned his adapter plate for the flow bench. 

Wanted - Donors to buy these parts

Wanted - Damper rods and caps for 35mm front forks (used) provided by Geoff Bamford (club member)
Wanted - Gasket set for 750cc big bore motor (Part #18-0752) $90
donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - Cam chain (Part #52-4008) $70 
bought from club racer fund
Wanted - Guide (Part #05-0006) $45  bought from club racer fund
Wanted -
Tensioner (Part #05-0004) $90 bought from club racer fund
Wanted - Steering head bearing kit (Part #28-2009) $60
donated by Brian Robinson in the USA
Wanted - Premium valve stem seals (Part #01-0115 ) $25 set of 4 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - Performance valve spring set (Part #05-0029) $214 bought from club racer fund
Wanted - Swing arm needle bearing conversion (Part #28-1011) $120
donated by Brian Robinson in the USA
Wanted - Top end engine 'O' ring set (Part #18-0855) $21 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - Camshaft bearings x 4 (Part #05-0007) $74 set of 4 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - 17 Tooth 520 front sprocket (Part#22-1617) $25 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - new rockers (Part #05-0037) $152 donated by Laurie Moloney
Wanted - fork damper valves (Part #27-1086) $75 donated by Bill Wallis (club member)
Wanted - progressive front springs for 35mm forks (Part #27-1088) $106 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)
Wanted - aluminium rocker shaft plugs (Part #05-0081) $20 donated by Bruce Cannon (club member)

MikesXS part numbers are listed with the wanted parts and approximate prices in AU$ freight delivery charges extra.

If anyone would like to donate anything from the wanted list please contact Terry Gliddon at or call  0408746881