Club Racer 2012

Where we are up to with the development of the club racer in 2012.

Club racer working bee report 4/1/12

Well it was a seriously Hot day at Kev's for the working Bee. Dave Rayner , Geoff Bamford, Mark Peatman, Ivan Hoey, Kevin Boss, Herb Conlon, "Bungy", Kristian the new guy, Geoff Watson, Steve Hobbs & one other ?

Kevin was happy to see some big progress in welding and bracing of the frame and also more understanding about the exhaust system. Brakes front and rear were sorted and we now have some idea whats needed to proceed to the next level of completion.

We also had a good feed of snags, chilli beef and chilli prawns.

It was agreed to have another working Bee in 4 weeks and a list of Too Do's and Items required will be put up as an agenda to ensure program gets a real move on, thanks to Dave Rayner for getting things moving.

Please find attached some photos, I brought my sons P4 Clubman level bike along to show the boys. 

Cheers Herb Conlon

Ivan, Mark, Chris and Dave discussing what needs to be done.

Dave working while the others watch

Steve and Mark doing some welding on the frame. Various jobs including tank mounts.

Steve Hobbs fitting his seat donation.

Dave sitting on Herb's son's P4 bike.

Club racer working bee report 2/2/12

In Attendance, host Kevin Boss, Geoff Bamford, Mark Peatman, Dave Raynor, Geoff Watson, Mark Azzopardi, Bungy, Ivan Hoey, and your scribe Herb.( apologies from junior member Bill Wallis).

Well here goes again , the exhaust appears to be finalized with support brackets also tacked in place. With an apparent proposal from Dave to Mark  meeting with mixed response?? see photo?

Azza tried the seat and layout for comfort and even tried to get the bull out the gate? see photo

With the attachments in place the frame can now be welded prior to painting (2 pack) and all seat and tank mounts can be fabricated. Geoff has volunteered to do the welding.

Seat cover will be extended to provide soft mounting for tank. ( Herb to provide).

Mark complained all day that the lighting was poor when welding the frame until Bossman advised that he should turn on the auto screen.

Again thanks to Dave for helping to keep project moving, he spent $72 on some exhaust pieces. 

Next working bee in 4 weeks time but there are some actions that will be completed before next meeting. Hoping soon to provide a detailed list of what's next. Cheers Herb.

Update 14/3/1012

I made a nasty discovery yesterday when I was checking out the crankshaft parts for the club racer motor, a crack. One flywheel is now useless except for use as a paperweight maybe.

I have no idea when this may have happened and it may even go all the way back to disassembly, we will never know. We may not be able to afford having another made as this was one of four very special items that were CNC machined to lighten them and the blokes who did the job have now moved on and we can no longer rely on them to make a replacement. I am checking out a few options and will get back to you when I know more. - Terry

Working Bees

The next one will be on the 28th of March and every 4th Wednesday after that, this will allow Dave Rayner to be there as he is on a roster for work.

Crankshaft update.

I have been in contact with Matt Moloney regarding getting another crank flywheel machined to replace the cracked one and he is optimistic that it can be arranged. He is also sending the delorto carbs he donated.

8/4/2012 Update

Met up with guys who traveled down to Broadford today and handed over the progressive fork springs to Ivan for the club racer. These were part of a donation by Bruce Cannon which had not previously been passed on. Everyone seemed to enjoy their weekend down in Victoria and it was nice to catch up.

Update for the last working bee on April 25th.

Hi again guys , here is the latest on the race bike.
In Attendance :- Dave Raynor , Kevin Boss , Ivan Hoey ,Steve Hobbs, Mark Peatman , Dave Skillbeck , Herb Conlon.
Late Attendee :- Bill Wallace. Even later attendee Geoff Bamford (everyone had left).

After a couple of hours work sorting out headstock bearings (looking for top bearing 1 hour) we had lunch and then completed as much as possible without engine and carbies. As soon as we complete Kev's Engine we will install it and sort out wiring and exhaust system.
The rear suspension was tested by two amateurs Peatman and Hoey, I had to assist by applying a little pressure on the rear frame to observe the compression and rebound of the Koni's, I think it may be a little soft?

Re-assembly commencement ,
1.Frame and swing arm painted .
2.Front end installed.
3.Rear wheel installed.
4.Rear sets in place.

Next.       Tank ,Fairing and seat painting.
                 Install Engine.( kev's 750 until race motor complete).
                 Brake lines.
                 Bottom shock spacer to raise rear to compensate for longer swing arm.
                 Fuel Lines and Breather Hoses.
                 Oil overflow Bottle.
                 Safety Wire all necessary bolts.
                 Crash Guard for right side cover (oil behind).  

Thanks to all who assisted and especially to Kev for providing a great facility and friendly atmosphere.
Cheers Herb

Update 19/7/12

Hi everyone , an update on the club racer.

Paintwork delivered by Dave Raynor , Rear sprocket fitted . Now we can start to design and fabricate fairing mounts.
Kev's barrels for temp motor are now being fitted with 750 sleeves , we will run this motor to sort out the bike as we wait for the "Real " race motor. We can start on Electrical requirements with Kill switch and preparation for Electronic Package , Kev's motor will run Points and Coils as a Total loss system initially.

Only a Basic Lunch of Prawns , rolls and Pork bellies today but all seemed to enjoy.
The photo attached shows Dave's Head checking out the seat arrangement.

Next to do :-  Fit 520 chain
                        Assemble Kev's motor and fit to frame.
                        Wire up for dual electrics.
                        frame and brackets for fairings.
                        fit temp tacho.
                        Fit fuel taps and plumbing.

We are having a "Bike" show and racer fundraiser on 19 August at Kev's Mancave where Food and soft drink will be available BYO grog where entry will be approx $10.00 dollars (chilli prawns and other tasty treats ) There will be awards and Herb will be taking lots of Photos to update the members bike list so bring all your XS bikes so we can have a massive rollout.

For those who don't know, Kev's address is 3/36 Links Rd, St Marys (entrance 100m into Vallance St). 
In the Dunheven Industrial Site. Ph Kev on 0422348510.  

Great work Dave, the paint looks amazing. (This was done with a rattle can)

Looking good fellas, I have also been in touch with Matt Moloney's dad regarding the replacement flywheel for the cracked one and he tells me it is all in hand. I have also taken possession of the Del'Orto carbs from Matt. I hope to get the replacement flywheel sometime in the next month. In the mean time Kevin Palmer has made a jig for statically balancing the crank.

Matt has been busy racing his outfit and has taken out second place in the Australian titles so well done Matt. Greg Tow ordered a back issues CD so that's another addition to the racer fund, thanks Greg.

Update 21/9/12

Hi gents , First update for a while so here goes.

Kevin's engine fitted with carbs and exhausts.
tacho mounted need cable extension to run (on order).
Fairing in temp position , requires brackets.
Bike on points and coil ignition , timing set.
RH side cover fitted with kick start welsh plug.
Wiring complete for total loss system. (for points not electronic).
Ignition switch fitted
Small sealed battery fitted for shakedown.
Overflow bottle fitted.
Single outlet engine breather fitted. (special small block).
Rear number plates brackets complete , number plates fitted.

What next.

Fairing Brackets.
520 Chain to be fitted. (not sure if 1 has been donated??) (No chain yet but it should be noted that Herb Conlon supplied the 520 x 18t front sprocket and Mark Peatman supplied the 520 x 30t rear sprocket - Toota)

Everyone should ring Kevin and thank him as he has supplied most of the incidental fittings, nuts and bolts and brackets and he gets a bit cranky at times so cheer him up a bit with some gentle shit stirring.

Mark Peatman has also supplied a fair bit of input with his mechanical expertise as has Dave Rayner and Ivan Hoey so if you run into any of these gents say thanks.

Only a few photos with Mick Sayer checking out the ergo's, will add some more photo's soon cheers Herb.

Hi again , photo update from Sunday 30/9. Looks great in sunshine.

Front Brakes bled and working.

Present was Kevin Boss , Ivan Hoey , Mark Peatman and your scribe. Cheers Herb

Update 1/10/12

Matt Moloney rang me at the weekend as he happened to be home from the mines for some family stuff, so he pre machined the flywheel ready to be CNC machined. He also dropped the part into the CNC shop and tells me it should be ready very soon. I will take trip down to Warrnambool and pick it up when it's ready so we can proceed with the special crank for the stage two motor.

Club racer working bee 10/10/2012

Hi Guys , In attendance were Geoff Bamford , Dave Rayner , Kevin Boss , Mark Peatman , Geoff Watson , Bungy , Ivan Hoey , Mick Sayer and Herb.

The Racer was fired up without the fuel tank in place due to a leaking tank , the glass finish around the joins were leaking in a number of locations.

The fairing nose cone bracket was rewelded and now has the right attitude.

Geoff is preparing a standard XS2 tank for shakedown until Fibreglass tank is sorted.

Cheers Herb

Matt Moloney messaged me today with the news that the crank flywheel is on the cnc and should be ready by the weekend of 13/10/2012. Hopefully I will be able to pick it up next week.


Got another message today from Matt regarding the flywheel getting CNC'd, it's done but they machined a bit more than intended so I now have to take the other flywheels down to Warrnambool so they be machined the same, no big deal just a little more time and effort to get it right. Another slight delay we don't need right now but it's out of my control unfortunately. It will all be worth it in the end.


Crank bits were picked up by Matt's dad and transported to Warrnambool so CNC work can be completed. 


Club racer working bee 7/11/2012 at Kevin Bosses shed.

Hi Guys , another work day on club racer and sorted a few things, as you can see borrowed herbs Flatrack tank to start her up and found a few niggles with points ignition and missing carby jets??? In attendance were : Kevin Boss, Dave Rayner, Mark Peatman, Mark Azzopardi, Geoff Watson, Bungee, Geoff Bamford and Herb.

Main problem on the day was the points ignition system (don't ask Kevin about points , sore point) and someone reversed the on/off key on reassembly which caught all off guard so a neutral light will be installed so that we know when its on.

Did anyone leave a Bumbag with glasses at Phil's place at the Island?? Catch up soon. cheers Herb

Next working bee will be on the 5/12/2012 and for those who don't know, Kev's address is 3/36 Links Rd, St Marys (entrance 100m into Vallance St). 
In the Dunheven Industrial Site. Ph Kev on 0422348510.  

Update 5/12/12

Hi Guys , The latest on the club racer.

In attendance :- Rod Johnson , Kevin Boss , Geoff Watson , Mark Azzopardi , Bungie!! , Herb Conlon , Geoff Bamford.

There was some work done on the previous Sunday to fit Temp Tank and Electronic ignition donated to Kevs motor by Dave Raynor (big thanks to Dave).

Geoff Watson brought along his petrol powered starter and with a little help it got the bike started and after some final tuning it had its maiden run in the capable hands of Azza, When he returned after a gentle ride down the street (closed off of course) he had a huge smile. He said he liked it very much but would like to see the rear raised to help balance the steering , similar to his cafe''.

With smiles all around we tried to think of what is now required:
1. Fit decent tyres.
2. Complete original Tank and fit.
3. Fabricate Skid plate for right hand sidecover.
4. Fabricate new lower fairing mounts.
5. Design and fit steering damper.
6. arrange photo's for log book submission (log books from MA now $55.00).

There are other obvious things to be done to be race ready and when they are recognised I will advise all , cheers Herb


I took a trip down to Warrnambool today to pick up the replacement crank components that were CNC'd by a local company that was organised by Matt Moloney. I'll have to polish the replacement crank part for the one that was cracked and then I can get busy with the balancing. I still have to make a jig for this as I have been busy with other projects at home.

The Easter Bike Bonanza at Broadford is fast approaching ( 30 - 31/3/2013) and at the AGM it was voted that the club racer attend this meeting so club members who have bought a day license can ride it on track. The forms for the day license application can be downloaded here but I suggest you contact the build team to see if the racer will be ready and the log book sorted for the event before paying for the day license. Entry form must be submitted by 8/3/13 and the cost of the license is $60 until 4/1/13 or $80 until 8/3/13 or $100 on the day of the meeting.

Herb Conlon or Ivan Hoey are the most experienced blokes to talk to regarding getting everything ready for the Broadford meeting and getting licensed as they have done it all before. Talk to these blokes if you are keen to ride the racer at Broadford this Easter. There is a limited number of laps available over the two day meeting so the early birds will be in the best position for a ride.