Club Racer 2019


The 2019 year started with the club racer in need of a service, this was performed by Nick McGinn and John Chambers. Following is their report.

Race Bike Report

Hey Terry, sorry it’s been so long between reports, but life has a habit of getting in the way. We have done several services on the bike since the last one, and happy to say we have had no major issues.

I have just done a complete go over before it heads to the Island classic and most of it was found to be good. Both oil filters were cleaned which led me to find a screw in the sump. I believe it’s one of the four that hold the cam chain tensioner in place, it was decided that it would pass until after the classic to repair.

 I also fitted new inlet rubbers as the old ones had become soft, the new ones are heavier construction so should last longer. The filter plates on the fuel inlets (carbys) also had a clean, finding a lot of “tank liner” stuck to them. The forks have been flushed and new 10wt fluid installed, I think they must weep a little as there was not much fluid in them.

New drain screws and “o” ring seals fitted in fork lowers. The red “ignition on” light on the dash has been a problem so it has been removed and the new kill switch rewired in line. All in all it’s going like the clappers, so get down to the Island if you can, and cheer on our club racer.

Cheers mate, signing off for now, Nick McGinn.

Island Classic Results 2019

Friday qualifying saw Stacey out on the track and turning in a respectable 2:04.231 on lap5 and finishing in 10th place among the Unlimited Post Classic field.
With the wind behind her she clocked 195Kph

Race 1 7th place UPC field, fastest time of 2:02.696 on lap 3

Race 2 8th place UPC field, fastest time of 2:03.372 on lap 5

Race 3 9th place UPC field, fastest time of 2:01.986 on lap 4


Race 4 DNF in 7th place UPC field, slowing 2:49.724 on lap 1
running on one cylinder.

Overall result was 10th place in Unlimited Post Classic.

Stacey Heaney on the club racer ahead of Craig Hemsworth on his Harley Davidson XR in qualifying.

Following the Island Classic it was decided to do some running repairs to the club racer.

Crankcase Repair

Last year at some point we had a crack develop in our club racer’s crankcase which was fixed with the help of Geoff’s XS and club racer team members in Sydney. When I say fixed the problem was sorted using another set of crankcases that were supplied by Geoff Bamford.

Well now the old crankcases have been repaired and will be used as part of the engine rebuild to fix another problem that has developed that being one of the screws holding the cam chain adjuster at the rear of the cylinders coming loose and finding its way into the sump. This was discovered at the last oil change.

In the picture above you can clearly see the additional alloy bracing around the rear engine mount waiting to be welded in.

External welding of the engine mount was also required.
Now that this repair has been completed the loaned set of crankcases can now be returned to Geoff with our thanks.

Now the job of getting the bike ready for the International Festival of Speed and here is the bike with the engine removed for strip down.

The engine crankcases split with the internals already placed in the repaired crankcases, see the bracing inside at the bottom of the picture.

Thanks to Ivan Hoey, Mark Peatman and Steve Hobbs for the work they did on getting the club racer ready to race.

While it was apart Ivan found a few more things that needed attention so he went ahead and fixed those too.

As you can see one of the clutch cush drive springs was broken in two places.

All fixed and back together again

It will be interesting to see four XS650 racers competing at the International Festival of Speed this year with Stacey Heaney  on the club racer post rebuild and Ivan on his championship winning racer with Steve Hobbs on one of the FCR bikes and Calum Mackintosh on the other FCR bike as they were at the opening PCRA round.

Good luck boys and girls, we hope you have a fantastic weekend of racing and all come home unscathed. Results to be published when I get them.