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Club Merchandise

 Club Merchandise  

club newsletter CD

 $ 30.00

club polo shirt

 $ 37.50

club number plate cover

 $ 25.00

club cap

 $ 25.00

club stubby holder

 $ 12.50

club T shirt

 $ 25.00

wall posters

$ 50.00





Wall Posters

Now available XS2 Engine Illustration.

Also available a wall post of an RT-1B Engine Illustration

These second two Illustrations are copies of genuine Yamaha prints also laminated.

All these wall posters are now available for purchase from Terry Gliddon to help raise money for the club racer.

They are $50 each laminated including postage and packaging. The engine Illustration all A1 sized. These are very good quality prints and make excellent garage art and all proceeds go to funding the club racer.

If you want one or both contact Terry at xs650@xs650.org.au

$100 for both laminated wall posters including postage and packaging.

I can either email you a PayPal invoice or you can choose one of the following payment methods.

Remember all proceeds go to the Club Racer Project

New Club Allegiance Badge

A new club badge is now available from the club secretary for $12 or $19.50 including postage.

Club merchandise can be ordered from the Club Secretary secretary@xs650.org.au except the wall posters
which must be ordered from Terry Gliddon xs650@xs650.org.au 

All prices include postage where applicable within Australia unless stated otherwise.