Club Racer Trial

Club racer at Broadford 2015

The club racer was taken to Broadford today 6/12/15 so it could be run in and checked out for any problems that may pop up when racing. Daryl Hutcheon rode the bike and was very impressed with its performance and handling however we did discover one problem. At some point a different tank was substituted for the one that was on the bike when it raced in N.S.W. After a few laps the bike began to act like it was out of fuel and on closer inspection it was discovered that one of the fuel filters was chock-a-block full of sand. Daryl also reported that the gearing was too tall for this track as he wasn't even using fifth gear on the straight and the tacho indicated it was only doing 5000 revs. I guess the change to the high ratio primary drive gears means we will need to change the rear sprocket to have more teeth than the 34 it currently has although it might be good for Phillip Island in January.

The pit set up at Broadford.

Daryl Hutcheon and John Chambers took the club racer to Broadford for another shake down session today 17/1/16 and Daryl messaged me to say the bike is going great. He also sent me a pic taken in the pits with his new clean shaven look. Also there was fellow club member Des Heaney, Stacey's dad.