Island Classic 2016

MCN highlights XS650 at Phillip Island Classic

The picture that appeared in the Motorcycle News with the following text.

They got our name wrong but at least we made the magazine.

Club Racer at the Island Classic 2016

Stacey Heaney rode the club racer to a very successful weekend with Ivan as a fellow competitor they both managed to lower their lap times in each subsequent qualifier and race. On Friday which was very wet for the first qualifier and both riders were wary of the track conditions with Ivan posting a best time of 2.25.697 and a fastest top speed of 171 kph and Stacey posting her best lap time of 2.36.987 and a fastest speed of 157 kph.

The second qualifier was still wet with Ivan posting his best lap time of 2.22.119 and his fastest speed of 188 kph and Stacey posting her best lap time of 2.35.831 and a fastest speed of 172 kph

Club members Des and Stacey Heaney, father and daughter.

Saturday and now it's race day and both bikes did another impressive showing with improved lap times and speeds with Ivan again leading in race 1 with a 2.03.097 @ 181 kph and Stacey with a 2.15.621 @174 kph.

Race 1 Video

Race 2 and again both riders improving their lap times with Ivan doing a 2.02.534 @ 181 kph and Stacey a 2.13.023 @ 181 kph matching Ivan's speed.

Sunday and the last day of racing sees Ivan again leading Stacey in the first race which is race 3 on the program with a best lap time of 2.03.482 @185 kph and Stacey following with a 2.11.475 @182 kph

The final race for the weekend saw Ivan again do a better lap time of 2.01.958 @182 kph but Stacey surprised us all by doing a 2.10.450 @ 183 kph 1 kph faster than Ivan.

All in all a very successful weekend of racing and congratulations to all involved including the pit crew of Daryl Hutcheon and John Chambers who kept the club racer on the track in spite of a couple of small problems.

To Ivan and Stacey, well done guys, you rock!!!

Stacey did manage to get a trophy but not riding our bike, she also rode a 125cc bike and got a first place trophy in Post Classic 125cc class, well done Stacey

Here she is with her dad Des at the presentation ceremony post race.