PCRA round 3

Ivan Hoey was again successful at round 3 of the PCRA championship winning both P4 750 and P4 unlimited classes.

Although he admits his bike was ready to blow he still managed to hold it together long enough to take the honours. Also racing this weekend was the Mark Peatmanís FCR team with Col Waltho riding this bike. They were not so lucky with several misfortunes including a broken handle bar which could have ended in disaster but fortunately due to Colís riding skill disaster was averted. Fortunately Ivan had some spare handle bars provided by his sponsor Geoffís XS that got them back on the track.

Another problem was the failure of their ignition system which meant a quick dash back the workshop for some parts to get them going again. Reverting back to a points ignition system got them back on the track.

Then to top it all off they lost the baffle in their megaphone somewhere along the main straight. All in all an eventful weekend for the FCR team.

Looking at the Natsoft results Ivan did his fastest qualifying time in the third qualifier with a 1:23.752 and his fastest race time for P4 750 was 1:17.797 in Race 3 with slightly slower times in the other two races.

 In P4 unlimited he did a fastest time of 1:18.297 in Race 8 with Col following with a 1:24.524

The FCR team finished fourth in P750 and fourth in P4 Unlimited. Well done to our club members Ivan Hoey and Mark Peatman for their efforts in Round 3 of the PCRA Championship. The next round is scheduled for the 27th of August at Sydney Motorsport Park.