2017 Racing

The Island Classic 2017

The Island Classic was run on the weekend of the 26th - 29th of February and our club racer was there to represent the club in all its newly painted glory thanks to Ivan Hoey for transporting it down to Victoria from Sydney where it was stored for the last few months while some restoration was done to bring it up to spec for this yearís race program.

 Ivan, Des and Caillin, presented all three bikes Stacey was to ride for scrutineering on Thursday.

Qualifying on Friday saw the bike going round the track for the first time in Q06 Unlimited Classic & Post Classic and Stacey did a best time 2:05.979 on the third lap with a fastest speed of 180Kph. Stacey finished Qualifying in 18th place.

She reported that the brakes are not quite right and we anticipated this as we thought the brake master cylinder should be a 16mm bore and not the 22mm bore currently in use, the new Bremboís with 38mm pistons need a smaller master cylinder for the correct feel as the older calipres had 42mm pistons. We will sort this out before the next meeting.

Later on Friday in the first race, R06 Stacey again did a 2:05.334 in the 4th lap at a fastest speed of 178 Kph. Stacey finished this race in 17th place against a field much higher powered bikes. Saturday and race two R20 saw Stacey better her previous lap time to 2:04.019 on her 2nd lap and her finishing positon drop to 12th with a top speed of 177Kph.  Stacey improved in every race and considering the brake problems she was having she did very well. The master cylinder was changed to one from the Suzuki in an effort to improve the brakes but because we didnít have a double banjo bolt one calipre and brake line had to be removed. Sunday morning and the first race of the day was carried over from Saturday R34 or Race 3 saw Stacey improve her lap time again down to 2:02.501 on lap 3 and do a fastest lap of 185 Kph on lap 4 with Stacey finishing in 15th place. Sunday afternoon and R48 race 4 was run with Stacey doing her best time for the weekend at 2:02.402 on lap 4 with her best top speed of 175Kph on laps 2 & 5 and finishing in 14th place in the mixed field. Ivanís best lap from 2016 was under 1 second quicker and 3Kph faster.

Stacey also raced a Honda 125cc bike in Vintage 125 Post Classic and finished in first place for that class. Thanks to Ivan for bringing the bike down from Sydney and helping to get the bike ready to race and thanks to Nick McGinn who will be servicing the bike post-race meeting and making sure itís ready to go for the next outing. Thanks to Stacey for doing such a great job and bringing the bike home in one piece and achieving her personal best times over the weekend. I would also like to thank the many club members who called in to lend their support to Stacey and the pit crew.

Staceyís Island Report

Well what a race the island classic was. With perfect weather and bike running like a dream we were able to smash lasts years best lap times (2:12) in practice/qualifying with a 2:05 and 18th on the grid. 1st race we had some minor issues with the front brake and suspension set up. Ivan Hoey managed to take one calipre off which meant we only had 50% braking capacity but still where able to drop lap time down to a 2:03 and fixing the issues we had when under brakes.  Final race of the weekend I was able to drop lap times down to a 2:02 finishing 7th overall in p4 unlimited. The combined points of the XS and my points from winning the 125 class landed me 10th position out of 200+ riders for the Phil Irving trophy. Big thank you to Ivan Hoey, dad (Des Heaney) and all the XS club members who supported me this weekend! 


 PCRA Round 1 at Wakefield

P4 Unlimited

Round 1 of the PCRA was run on the weekend of Saturday February 4th with two Yamaha XS650ís entered in P4 Unlimited those being Ivan Hoey on his championship winning bike and Col Waltho on the Mark Peatman co-owned FCR bike the only other P4U bike in the field being a 750 Norton Commando ridden by Paul Coughlan.

In the first qualifier Q5 for P4, P5 & P6 Unlimited and Pre Modern F1 Ivan did the fastest lap time of 1:16.125 on lap 6 with Col following on 1:23.005 some 7 seconds behind on the same lap.

In their first race R5 of the event Ivan again set the fastest lap of the trio of P4U bikes with a time of 1:14.729 ahead of the Norton with a time of 1:16.552 followed by Col on the FCR bike at 1:19.680.

In the second race R12 of the event Ivan again set the fastest lap time of 1:13.167 followed again by the Norton with a time of 1:17.704 with Col Waltho again in third place with a lap time of 1:19.367.

In the third race R19 of the event guess who set the fastest lap, thatís right it was Ivan again with a lap time of 1:14.029 with the Norton again in second place, unfortunately the FCR bike had a DNS as I believe they suffered a broken exhaust which prevented them from starting in this event, bad luck boys.

P4 750

As in all N.S.W. PCRA racing there is the opportunity to race in two categories, P4 U and P4 750.

In the first qualifier Q7 of the event Ivan set a 1:14.607 to be the fastest of the five P4 750 bikes in the field, second was the Norton and third taken by a Suzuki GT750 ridden by David Grlec followed by Col Waltho on the FCR bike with a 1:20.497 and Honda 750 failing to start.

In the first race for P4 750 R7 of the event Ivan set the fastest lap of the bunch with a 1:14.669 followed by the Norton and the Suzuki and then Col with a 1:20.646 with the Honda starting this time but failing to finish.

In the second race R14 of the event, you guessed it, Ivan first with a time of 1:12.237 followed by the Suzuki this time and then the Norton with Col again following in fourth place with a time of 1:20.903 and the Honda again failing to finish.

In the third and final race R21 of the event it was Ivan again who set the pace with a 1:13.713 followed by the Suzuki and the Norton and finally the Honda with Col failing to start with that broken exhaust.

The next round is at Sydney Motorsport Park 7th of May.


International Festival of Speed 2017

The International Festival of Speed or as we affectionately call it the Barry Sheene was run on the weekend of the 23rd  Ė 26th  of March at the Sydney Motorsport Park Eastern Creek Venue with several XS650ís in attendance. The club racer was there of course with Stacey Heaney aboard and Ivan Hoey was also there with his championship winning bike and last but not least Mark Peatmanís team FCR bike was also there with ex club member Colin Waltho aboard.

Heading out for the last race

Stacey also rode a Honda CB125 and a Suzuki T500. She also rode a Royal Enfield in practice but the class was cancelled so she then rode the club racer in the P4 750 class as well to finish the weekend with a 4th place result in that class.

The Races

Friday - P4 Unlimited Leg 1 - Stacey started the day with a fastest lap on lap 2 with a 2:07.906 Ivan did not appear in the results for this race.

                  P4 750 Leg 1 - Ivan started with a fastest lap on lap 2 with a 1:54.946 followed by Stacey with a fastest lap on lap4 with a 2:00.922 and Colin following them with a fastest lap on lap2 with a 2:07.757 but received a 10 second penalty for a jump start.

Saturday - P4 Unlimited Leg 2 - Ivan started this race with a fastest lap on lap 3 with a 1:53.588 and Stacey following him with a fastest lap on lap3 with a 1:58.064


                  P4 750 Leg 2 - Ivan again lead the way with a fastest lap on lap5 with a 1:54.397  with Colin following him with a fastest lap on lap 4 with a 2:01.954 and Stacey following them with a fastest lap on lap 5 with a 2:03.405

                  P4 Unlimited Leg 3 - Stacey was alone again in this race and managed to do a fastest lap on lap 5 with a 1:57.429

                   P4 750 Leg 3 - Ivan lead the way again with a fastest lap on lap 3 with a 1:52.590 followed by Stacey with a fastest lap on lap 4 with a 1:57.701 and Colin following with a fastest lap on lap 5 with a 2:02.553

Sunday - P4 Unlimited Leg 4 - Stacey finished this leg with a fastest lap on lap 4 with a 2:00.572 and Ivan DNF

                   P4 750 Leg 4 - Ivan bounced back to lead the XSís with a fastest lap on lap 6 with a 1:53.563 closely followed by Stacey with a fastest lap on lap 3 with a 1:55.967 and Colin DNF

                  P4 750 Leg 5 - Stacey again lead the XSís with a fastest lap on lap 3 with a 1:58.602 followed by Colin with a fastest lap on lap 5 with a 2:02.333 and Ivan DNF

The Results

P4 Unlimited - Stacey finished in 7th place with Ivan finishing in 11th place. Ivan crashed in one race which affected the results.

P4 750 Ė Stacey finished in 4th place followed by Ivan in 6th place and Colin finishing in 8th place.

L Ė R  Ivan Hoey (5) Stacey Heaney (162) Colin Waltho (110).

Well done to all our club members involved this weekend.

Just a reminder for all visitors to the track, donít touch the bikes unless you are asked to help. If you visit make sure you donít get in the way. The riders do appreciate your support but they have to focus on what they are doing so please keep that in mind.

Max Evans sent in the next two pics.

Victorian Historic Road Race Titles

The Vic road race titles were run on the weekend of 8th & 9th of April 2017 at the Broadford track with Stacey Heaney again riding our club racer. The weather started out fine but progressively got worse over the course of the weekend with the final race being abandoned as a result of the bad weather. In the first qualifier Stacey managed a fastest lap time of 1:09.933 on lap 3 and followed this up with a fastest lap time of 1:09.533 on the 4th of 5 laps. In leg 1 of the P4 unlimited race Stacey finished in 13th place with a fastest lap time of 1:11.722 on lap 2.

In leg 2 with the weather getting worse Stacey managed to better her finishing place to 5th place with her best lap time of 1:22.931 again on lap 2.

In leg 3 which was to become the final race as leg4 was cancelled Stacey held onto her 5th place with a best lap time of 1:24.717 on lap 2.

With the combined nature of the races Stacey had to race against P5 bikes as well as her own class of P4 unlimited. She finished with an overall 3rd place for the weekend. Well done Stacey.


Stacey pictured above with her 3rd place trophy and below

out on the track with her knee down on the mighty club racer.

Winton Historic Road Race Meeting

We were there of course with our club racer in the hands of Stacey Heaney our resident girl racer and club member.
Stacey started out in Q1 with a fastest lap of 1.17:135 and the fastest P4 unlimited bike in the field. She was followed by a Norton 750 with a 1.22.339 and a Honda 750 with a 1.23:553.
Race 1 saw Stacey again lead the field with a fastest time 1.13:932 followed by the Honda @ 1.22:743 and the Norton @ 1.22:549 both of these were 9 seconds slower than Stacey.
Race 2 and Stacey was again in a world of her own with a fastest lap time of 1.16:653 with only the Norton this time following by some 8 seconds.
Race 3 found Stacey in unfamiliar territory in second place behind a fast Moto Guzzi ridden by Andy Hawks whose fastest lap was a 1.11:7062 followed by Stacey with a 1.14:5010 with the other bikes in the P4 unlimited class the Norton and the Honda filling the last two places with the Honda completing only four of the five laps.
Race 4 and Stacey finished first again with a fastest lap of 1.16:0730 followed by the Norton of Wayne Donehue with only four laps completed and the Honda and the Moto Guzzi not starting.


Stacey indicating she finished in first place in P4 Unlimited.

 Stacey also collected the Ken Lucas Trophy and a P4 Unlimited First Place Trophy, great job Stacey.

Des and Stacey with the Club Racer under the race team tent at Winton.


   PCRA Round 2 at Eastern Creek

Round 2 of the PCRA Club Championships was held at the Eastern Creek International Raceway on the 7/5/2017 with both Ivan Hoey and Mark Peatmanís team FCR in attendance. In the first Qualifier Q3 for P4 Unlimited Ivan started proceedings with a 2:01.22 fastest lap time followed by Col Waltho on the FCR 110 bike with a 2:03.858.  

In the next Qualifier Q5 for P4 750 Ivan again lead the class with a 1:58.064 followed by Col with a 2:01.615
The first P4 Unlimited race saw Ivan improve his fastest lap yet again with a 1:55.960 and Col do a 2:00.270.
This continued in the first P4 750 race with Ivan doing a 1:57.375 and Col a 2:01.811.
After a serious accident involving Ivan and another rider who was taken to hospital with serious head injuries the last two races for P4 unlimited and P4 750 were cancelled leaving only the feature race left to run, this allowed Ivan and Colin to swap bikes so each could try the others machine to see was it like. Colin was impressed with Ivanís bike but Ivan not so with Colinís ride so some work to do there yet. When I spoke to Mark he was already shopping for some new rear shockers.

Ivan Hoey received two first place medallions for his weekends efforts at the creek on his Number 14 XS650 racer, Mark Peatman's FCR team and rider Col Waltho also did very well with two second places. Both competed in P4 unlimited and P4 750 With Ivan leading the way in all events followed by Col Waltho. Ivan was involved in a bad accident where a rider was taken to hospital following the crash and Ivan went on to finish the race unharmed but the other rider was travelling too fast and came off his bike taking out Ivan in the process. After the accident the program was altered and as the last race was no longer a points race the boys elected to swap bikes with Ivan riding the FCR bike and Col riding Ivan's bike. That would have been an interesting exercise with Col being impressed with the speed of Ivan's bike.


PCRA Round 3

PCRA Round 3

Round 3 was held at the Eastern Creek North Circuit on 24/6/2017 and only Mark Peatmanís FCR team was in attendance on that day, Ivan was in Melbourne on that day attending his daughterís 21st birthday. Colin got all first places as there was no opposition. His lap times are as follows:-

Race 3 P4 Unlimited 1.22.472 was his fastest lap recorded.
Race 5 P4 750 1.20.823
Race 10 P4 Unlimited Colin DNF fastest lap of 1.24.354
Race 12 was cancelled and all entrants were recorded as DNS
Race 17 P4 Unlimited 1.23.878 fastest lap.
Race 19 P4 750 1.22.776 fastest lap.

Unfortunately they did not maximise their points with the DNF so Ivan is only a few points behind them in the points tally. Should be interesting after the next round.

From Mark Peatman:-

Hi terry the results for PCRA round 3 at Eastern creek FCR Yamaha 1st place in both 750 and unlimited putting us in first place in the championship. Not without issue our lithium battery collapsed and we missed both races in round two.
Col rode really well and likes the suspension changes that we have made.

Talking to Frankie Chili to ride the bike next year

Jeremy Burgess gave us a hand and another old bloke wanted my autograph, looks a bit like Giacomo Agostini doesnít he?


PCRA Round 4 at Wakefield Park

Round 4 was held last weekend (26th August) at the Wakefield Park circuit at Goulburn with Ivan Hoey and Mark Peatmanís FCR team in attendance. This proved to be a popular event as it was the last opportunity to race at that venue before the Australian Titles are held there in November.

Ivan Hoey (14) in pit lane.

In qualifying for P4 unlimited Ivan set a fastest lap of 1:23.039 while sorting out the bike. Colin Waltho of Mark Peatmanís FCR team got going in the same qualifier with a fastest lap of 1:20.969 beating Ivan.

In the first qualifier for P4 750cc Ivan did a 1:15.345 followed by Col with a 1:19.837

In the first race R2 for P4 unlimited Ivan led the way with a 1:15.309 followed by Col with a 1:19.146

In R4 for P4 750cc Ivan did a fastest lap of 1:14.318 and Col did a fastest lap of 1:18.701

These lap times represent a significant improvement for Markís FCR team with on average three seconds faster lap times than the last appearance here at Wakefield so well done Colin and the guys at FCR.

The next race R9 for P4 unlimited Ivan improved his lap time down to 1:13.622 and Col did a 1:18.240 continuing to lower his lap times in progressive races.

The next race on the program R11was for P4 750cc and Ivan did a best time of 1:12.726 with Colin again improving his best lap time of 1:17.966

R16 for P4 unlimited saw Ivan do a 1:14.126 and Colin 1:17.799

In R18 for P4 750cc Ivan had a problem with a fuel leak and did not start so Colin had the race to himself and did a fastest lap of 1:17.464

So to look at the points achieved by the XS650 riders at Round 4 PCRA at Wakefield Park for P4 750 Colin Waltho riding the FCR team XS650 got second place with 56 points and Ivan Hoey got 50 points finishing in fourth.

For P4 unlimited Ivan Hoey finished in first place with 70 points and Colin Waltho finished in second place with 54 points.

At speed.

The current championship table has Ivan leading the P4 750ís with 125 points and Colin Waltho in second place with 74 points.

In P4 unlimited Ivan is leading with 125 points and Colin in second place with 76 points


PCRA Round 5 club championships at Eastern Creek International Raceway 23/9/2017

In the first qualifier Q1 for P4 Unlimited Ivan Hoey did a fastest lap of 1.58:3080 and Colin Waltho on the Mark Peatman FCR team Yamaha XS650 did a fastest lap of 2.01:0290

The next qualifier for P4 750cc Q3 Ivan did a fastest lap of 1.58:2530 with Colin following him with a fastest lap of 2.01:2330

 In the first race for P4 Unlimited R1 Ivan managed a fast lap of 1.57:1680 with Colin doing a 2.01:5760

The next race for P4 750cc R3 Ivan did a 1.57:2320 and Colin a 2.00:8700

P4 Unlimited R8 saw Ivan again ahead of Colin with a 2.04:3730 but only just in front as Colin did a 2.04:7410

P4 750cc R10 and the results were similar with Ivan managing a 2.00:3420 and Colin a bit further behind this time with a 2.07:6250

P4 Unlimited R15 Ivan was excluded from the results and Colin cleaned up with a fastest time of 2.05:7910

Ivan was excluded from the result of this race because he left the pits too late and violated a flag warning.

In the final race of the day for Ivan and Colin a fastest lap of 1.59:8730 was recorded for Ivan with Colin doing a 2.09:4340

At the end of the day Colin took first place for P4 Unlimited with an aggregate score of 65 point and Ivan finishing second with 50 points.

In P4 750cc Ivan got first place with an aggregate score of 75 points with Colin finishing in second place with 58 points and Tony Brearley finishing in third place on his Kawasaki H1 500


Mount Tarrengower 2017

The club racer made some strong runs up the hill in Staceyís capable hands on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of October 2017. Stacey posted her best result on Saturday as 46.6 seconds which was the fastest time recorded by anyone.

This time was faster than the previous year by a couple of seconds so itís nice the improvement for the team of Nick McGinn and John Chambers who prepared the bike for the weekend.

Staceyís team chilling out in the pits between runs. Sundays runs up the hill were


There is a small video of one of Staceyís starts on the clubís website at :-