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20th Anniversary Ride


Saturday 15 February 2014 and Sunday 16 February 2014


The following 8 members participated in the 20th Anniversary Ride.

Name #
Geoff Bamford 11
Max Evans 605
Andrew Iggo 387
Rodney Johnson 712
Patrick Newman 538
David Rayner 1
David Skilbeck 539
Chris (Bung) Williams 152


Fuelled and ready to start the ride.

First casualty - Dave had an electrical issue and was forced to withdraw from ride at Katoomba.

Big smiles after a lap around the mountain at Bathurst.

Making our way to Mudgee on Sunday we encountered a gravel/mud section of road.

Appropriately dressed for the cold and wet.

At Mudgee on way home - still raining.

We also encountered heavy fog/rain as we crossed the Blue Mountains, just to cap off the weekend.


The 20th Anniversary Ride followed the route shown in the map below:

  1. Penrith to Dubbo via Bathurst
  2. Dubbo to Penrith via Mudgee

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20th Anniversary Ride Proposed

Life member Dave Rayner submitted a proposal at the 2013 AGM that the Club hold a 20th Anniversary Ride.

At the 2013 AGM it was resolved:
“That YAMAHA XS650 Club of Australia Inc. have a 20th anniversary ride to Dubbo.”

The ride was originally proposed for 22-23 February 2014, but only one (1) member registered his interest with the Secretary for this date. The date of 15-16 Februrary 2014 was offered on the Club's website as an alternative and to seek more members to attend.

As a number of members registered an interest for 15-16 Feburary 2014 the Club Officials set this as the date.

Story of First Club Ride in 1994

The Club’s first newsletter was published in May 1994 and carried the following lead story about the formation of the original NSW Club at Dubbo.

“On the 19th and 20th of February 1994 ten potential club members headed to Dubbo to officially form the Yamaha XS650 Twin Club of NSW. Yours truly (Rick) snapped a clutch cable at Penrith, luckily Huey had a spare.

The ride from Medlow Bath to Little

Hartley was wet, foggy and cold. We all stopped at MacDonalds, Lithgow for hot drinks. Left Lithgow and the weather improved to a warm sunny day. Our next stop was Bathurst for fuel an a new battery for Eddie (battery was faulty before start of ride).

Pleasant trip from Bathurst to Orange where fuel tanks were topped up. Left Orange and headed to Wellington and then out to Dubbo. We waited at Victoria Park for the Arrival of other prospective members who were inited but did not arrive (sigh).

The ten of us found accommodation and met back at The Cedar Inn for dinner and our first official meeting to elect club officials and committee. Present at the meeting were: David Rayner, Peter Kommer, Peter Larkin, Sandra Larkin, Lorrie Neal, Rick Asher, Chris Asher, Jim and his son (last name unknown), and Eddie Ransdell. Club Officials elected: President Rick Asher Treasurer David Rayner Secretary Lorrie Neal Safety Officer Peter Kommer Club Committee Sandra Larkin Chris Asher After the meeting we made arrangments to meet the next morning and returned to our motels/hotels.

On Sunday we met at The Cedar Inn about 8am and bought breakfast at the local bakery. After breakfast we split into two groups for the return trip home. The second group decided to go to Western Plains Zoo before returning to Sydney. The first group told us (second group) they had an uneventful trip home. The second group had a ball. Slight problem with one bike but what great roads from Dubbo to Mudgee! Ariving back at lithgow (cold) stopped at MacDonalds for hot drinks again. Lithgo to Camden was uneventful. To sum up the weekend attendance was not as good as expected but those who went had a great time, the club was formed, Officials were elected and what great roads from Dubbo to Mudgee! Thanks to all those who made the weekend.”