Visit to Bossy's

A bike show was organised for the 18th of August 2012 at Kevin Boss' shed at Links road St.Mary's 

A great winters day with a fantastic array of Cafe Racers , Dirt Trackers , Road Racers and standard bikes. This was undoubtedly the Best Line up I have had the pleasure in seeing for quite a while.

Ivan turned up on his Bike after leaving home with a van and trailer minus all the vans water.?? Possible welsh plug departed.

Best modified bike on the day went to Geoff Watson's "Board Tracker" a great looking Hard tail with unique exhausts. Geoff had three bikes in the show , 2 Dirt track bikes and the award winning Tracker.2 years ago Geoff had a ride on one of my Flat trackers and now has 6 XS machines with 2 more in progress. Its a sickness ha ha??


The prize winners below:- Geoff Watson and Mark Peatman

Best standard bike went to Mark Peatman on his XS2.Mark also presented his new project in a Red Cafe racer that is nearing completion. Mark also has a Dirt tracker and Dirt Track sidecar( sidecar is 30 years old).

I had all my sons Stephens bikes there , Road sidecar , Street Tracker , Dirt Tracker and P4 road Racer (clubman level) He could not attend as he is on manoeuvres with the Army.

Geoff Bamford showed the Police Bike .

Dave Rayner brought out the super modified which always gets the conversation going.

Junior (Bill Wallis) turned up respectably late just in time for a feed.

Lots of others turned up and had an enjoyable day ,

It was good to get together and see how creative and versatile The XS members have become.

Cheers Herb

Update 21/8/12

An Apology to all who attended Kevin Boss’s big day out because there were some I missed.

First of all a huge thank you to Kevin Boss for allowing us to use his Big Blokes Shed.

The standard of Bikes in attendance was Outstanding!!! , each and every motorcycle was a winner in its own right , I will attempt to cover as many as possible and if I miss someone then sorry but there was so many great examples I was Blown Away.

 1.                  Geoff Watson  , Boardtracker –top modified.

2.                                         . Dirt Track monoshock.

3.                                         . Dirt Track twin shock.

4.                  Ivan Hoey        . XS1 Dirt track racer.

5.                                         . Special with clutch mod.

6.                  “Bungy”           . Monoshock special.

7.                  Geoff Bamford . Police Bike.

8.                  Mark Peatman   . XS2 – Top stock.

9.                                          . XS2 café racer.

10.              Mark Azzarpardi . Maltese Falcon café racer. (loud).

11.              Bill Wallis             . café special.

12.              Stephen Conlon . TX sidecar.

13.                                       . XS2 period 4 Road Racer.

14.                                       . TX Trailbike.

15.                                       . TX dirt track racer.

16.              John Archer       .  Black Café  , (John Player lookalike).

17.              Pat Newman      .  XS1 stocker.

18.              Dave Raynor     . Belt Drive Masterpiece.

19.              Noel Beard        .  Two Tone Special.

20.              Col   Waltho      . Half finished café.

21.                                         . Black Special.

22.              Rod  Johnson     . Furry seat Special.

23.              Steve Hobbs      . ??Ducati?? what the ?? His missus turned up to make sure he left on time.

24.              Bruce   ??            . XS1 stocker.

25.              Andrew Iggo     . Special (arrived after all packed  up).

 Again I know I missed a few and there are a lot more projects in the wind so in a few months when warmer weather arrives we might even have a bigger rollout. 

Please let everyone know that Kev Boss (0422348510) has XS1,XS1B & XS2 Manuals for sale at $25.00 with all proceeds going to Tony Filmer's Family. 

Cheers Herb.