Broadford 2009

I went to the Southern Classic at Broadford Victoria last weekend and arrived there Saturday morning to set up camp and hoped that some of our members would turn up for the weekend of classic racing.

Pictured are L-R Mike Roberts, Kevin Palmer, Terry Gliddon and Craig Bath (Glen Voice missing in the pits)

Over the weekend we were visited by a number of people who saw the club banner and wandered in for a chat one of which was Rod Asher who was racing his P4 XS650 racer that weekend.

The standout feature of Rod's bike, apart from the colour, is the rubber chicken attached to the back of the bike which is a cunning ploy to distract the other competitors. We might have to look at that for our own club racer. Rod is also very active in collecting money for the lost dogs home, so if you see him don't forget to give a donation. Rod's bike is a stock XS650 with round slide Mikuni's.
Mike Roberts rode his very nice XS650B which he only finished putting together the night before and it attracted a lot of attention from passers by. At one point I think I counted eight blokes standing around the bike talking to Mike and asking questions. 

Craig took this pic. in the parking lot but we never caught up with the owner, nice bike though. There was also a XS650 sidecar racing and I scoured the pits to find but couldn't locate him either.

All in all I had a very enjoyable weekend with the boys watching some bike racing, a few beers, a BBQ and a lot of talking about our favourite bike the XS650. Maybe next year when we have the club racer there we will get a bigger turn out.

I'll be there tongs in hand, seeya there - Toota