Broadford 2013

On Saturday 30/3/13 I attended the Honda Bike Bonanza at Broadford along with Kevin Palmer as well as many Sydney members who also made the trip for a great weekends entertainment.

This years theme was the Velocette and there were many bikes there representing that theme. As usual there were some great bikes there are seldom seen which makes the whole experience well worthwhile and with all tracks running there was an astonishing array of machines for all tastes to view in action.

Most of our blokes settled on the speedway track where there was plenty of action and our own secretary Rodney Johnson even took to the track with Mark Peatman on his sidecar at one point.

One of the highlights for me was to see an imported from the USA redline XS650 flat tracker going around the track at full noise being ridden by Herb Jackson.

Mark Peatman on 516 and Herb Conlin's 414 with an unknown rider.

Not all the action was at the speedway track though as Rob McKie also had his road racer there on the day being ridden by a young lady called Stacy. Ivan unfortunately could not make it with the club racer as he did a water pump in his van at the last moment. Mark your calendar for Easter next year.

Here are some more pictures taken by Rodney Johnson when he wasn't out there riding.

Geoff Watson getting reading to go.

In the pits with Mark Peatman and Herb Conlon and a few helpers.

Mark Peatman, Mark ? and Geoff Watson waiting at the gate to enter the track.

Rod Watts also took to the track with his sidecar partner.