Dyno Days


On Ausust 15th 2010 we visited C&M to see how our bikes were running and were surprised by the results.

Mike Fitzpatrick's immaculate XS650C                                                    Dave Rayner's radical XS

Andrew Gunn's TXA, the eventual winner of the stockers                                                                                                

Bill Wallis's and Andrew Iggo's bikes on the dyno getting ready for a run.

Many of the bikes falling far short of their owners  imagined horse power figures, which goes to you how hard it is to make more horsepower, with Andrew Gunn's TXA having the best HP of the stock bikes. Ivan's racer won the ultimate horsepower title.


We returned again in 2012 

The XS650 Club Dyno Day at C&M on 29th of April 2012 was a success with ten members turning up for a look and seven of those putting their bikes on the dyno for a run. Because of the early start Ivan had breakfast ready for those who turned up on time at 8.30am and everyone enjoyed watching the other bikes get tested for bragging rights with the highest HP recorded and the winner was 47 HP. Bragging rights go to Max Evans and he also received a bottle of bourbon donated by Herb Conlon for winning.

All those in attendance except Ivan taking the pics. Max with his prize.

Herb's P4 racer

Bill Wallis' bike

Mark Azzapardi's bike

Bill Wallis' bike

Andrew Iggo's bike

Dyno day organiser Ivan Hoey and his flat tracker

Rodney Johnson's bike