Gear Head Sunday 2018


25/2/2018 Toora Vic.

The Gearhead Sunday was held last weekend at Toora in Victoria and a couple of us members attended with bikes on display and entered in the build off. Saturday Kevin Palmer and myself headed down to Hedley to take up Stephen Carle's offer of accommodation and a BBQ before heading to Toora on Sunday. I have to say that Steve is an excellent host and plied us with food and drink and we all had a great time before heading to bed.

Sunday and it was off to Toora to set up camp with the race tent and race bike as well as my tracker and Steve's special.

I am ashamed to say my tracker was probably the dirtiest bike there.

Steve Carle's beautiful '78 Special was there all polished up to make my tracker look even dirtier than it was.

Right next to us was the Gearhead Sunday build off area displaying those bikes entered in the build off and some others who just wanted to strut their stuff.

Nick McGinn had his incredible Salt racer there entered in the build off.

Darren Allan was there with his entry, a beautiful hard tail bobber.

And of course Joe Allan was there with his entry, the amazing board tracker.

Joe's cousin was also there with his tracker on display but not entered in the build off.

Joe and Darren Allan also had their last years entries there on display.

John Chambers and Stephen Carle were asked to be the judges for the build off and they selected Joe's bike as the winner with Nick coming in a very close second and Darren's bike third, all the bikes were so good I would hate to be the one to pick a winner. After the show and Joe collected his winnings from the build off he donated a good part of his prize to the club racer so we should all thank him for his generosity, thanks Joe!!!