Good Friday 2010

Attached are some of the photos of the Good Friday Appeal Ride, organized by the Z Owners Club. A very good turn out, which raised $8,000 for the Royal Children's Hospital on the day. 

Club members who attended, were John Chambers, Robbie Hird (along with grandson & son-in law), Mike Roberts, Morgan & Janet Tyrrell, Rob Roeszler & myself. 

Unfortunately, Mike Roberts had carburetor problems & decided to play safe & head for home, which he made safely. The rest of us had a good time & Robbie Hird won Best Yamaha for his Rising Sun Chopper. 
David Taylor

The bikes lined up outside the Highway 31 Café in Brunswick Road.

Mike Roberts with his immaculate XS650B

Robbie Hird's Rising Sun Chopper won Best Yamaha

Rob Roeszler's imported Special

Morgan Tyrrell's Special

Dave Taylor's new ride

Bikes gathered at the Donnybrook Hotel at rides end