Greenwell Point

Great ride & turn out for the South coast run to Greenwell Point see Kevin Boss, I arrived a few hours late , so met up with everyone at the Greenwell Point Pub at about 11.30am.
Dave Rayner was leaving (he had a train to catch.../ drive). So I took his spot in the XS650 line up of bikes, We all had a few drinks then some lunch at the pub.
I finally got to hand Kevin his race team belt buckle, he was surprised and very happy to receive one. He did note number 44 on his, someone did explained that they all had the owners weight in 'stones' stamped on them. To everybody's relief he had a club shirt on !!!  (I don't think Greenwell point is ready for one of Kevin's famous nudie runs.) 

Kevin received his belt buckle donated by Terry Gliddon who thought it would be a nice gesture to thank him for his donation of the bike which will become the club racer.