Mt Tamborine Ride 2013

Five bikes assembled for the run up Tamborine Mountain to the HMCCQ Classic Bike Show on a typically beautiful Qld autumn morning. Showing the diversity our club has to offer the bikes included XS650 customised special (Rob), XS650 special (Murray), Triumph Bonneville (Wendy), XJR Yamaha (Paul) & ZRX Kawasaki (Tony). Fellow club member Ray made the trip in his ute hoping for a bargain at the boot sale while he builds his XS.

As is often the case at these meets there was as much interest in the car-park bikes as on the display bikes. Cafe bikes have certainly made a resurgence in recent times and it seems any bike is a suitable donor judging by what was seen in the parking lot.

Thanks to all who attended, it was great to catch up for a good session talking bikes.

Cheers, Tony Gray.