Nepean Charity Day

Nepean Speedway hosted their annual charity meeting on Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st July 2011 and was a very successful meeting  for all involved. One person who didn't have such a great weekend was Ivan Hoey on his debut dirt track event. Ivan tells me he was totally out of control for 90% of the time on track due to several problems not the least of which was a poor choice of tyres. Ivan did however mange a second place in the pre 70 class and didn't fall off so it couldn't have been too bad.

Ivan's nice new looking tracker pre race and happily back in the pits post race for second place.

Ivan getting ready for his first ever dirt track race.


Kevin Boss and Geoff Bamford engrossed in the day's racing.

Ivan's road racing experience didn't do him much good on the dirt, he tells me he was totally out of control most of the time and was amazed he didn't come off, he also said he was the only bloke out there who was putting his knee down in the corners !!!

In Ivan's own words, here is what happened over the two day meeting:-

Saturday - carby's flooding, advance retard mechanism fell apart, kill switch wire came out, wrong tyre choice for Nepean.
3 practise laps & 1/2 a lap in the 25 lap race.
Sat night - fixed carbs, kill switch, advance mechanism, fit heavier fork springs & put lower in clamps = only took 4 beers to do.

Sunday - 2nd in the pre 1970
only rider with knee scrapers nearly crashed 4,362 times, slid/ran of track 4 times got ran into 2 times (that I felt.) 
Ivan (72)