Ton Up Boys II

Yes what a great ride with the Ton up Boys morning Burn Up  

We (Mark, Ray & Bill) meet up with them at the Love #3 Cafe ( 27 Barr St , Camperdown) at about 8.30. Had a coffee & a look see at there bikes. Lots to look at.  Then off at 9.00am to pick up more riders at Loftus, all up at the end there were at least forty odd riders of all breads & brains. Then we were off again, leading the pack as usual to the next stop was Mark on the Fire Blade. Coming up a close 20th was Bill & then Ray.  

Next stop Stanwell Tops look out. Meet more riders & off to the Scarborough pub for a beer after two beers & head starting to buzz Ray left to go home. Mark & I went on down to dapto & then we headed home me following Mark of course.
Another good day’s ride (Should be more of it)  

Bill Wallis