Silverwater Show

Some of our members attended the Silverwater Show and even won the odd trophy, well done guys.




Bossy won Best Japanese Modified with his gold race/cafe bike.  We believe that he would also have won best Jap original paint but the "C": was in the club display not the competition.  Funny set up - you could not be in both.  Great day, quite hot.  Mainly a Harley show but other makes & types are encouraged.  One of the organisers came around late in the day to say we should have had all of our machines in the competition.  They ran out of food twice because there were so many more people than they were expecting.  Must have been well in excess of 1,000 coming & going.  Some pretty nasty sights & some very healthy chests.  Roll up - Bossy, me, Lance, Kevin (the new fella) with his XS1F, Azza, Andrew & Ruth.  Lionel Boss was with us but did not have a bike.  We renewed a couple of acquaintances with some JVMC members who we have met previously at Morpeth & Berry.
Tony Filmer