BBQ 2008

On Saturday the 18th of October 2008 Geoff Bamford hosted another of his now famous BBQ's. Last year was just for fun but this year there was a theme, to help raise money for the club racer. Here's just a few pics of the festivities sent by Louise and there is more to come when Herb Conlin is feeling better. Get well soon Herb!!!

Unfortunately there was a bit of a mix up and Dave Rayner told a few people that the BBQ was on Sunday and not Saturday
so a few failed to turn up at the right time. Ivan raffled off one of the belt buckles and it was won by Kevin James.

Lance Stewart got a nice birthday present from his boys, a fully restored Kawasaki Mach IV

A very successful day for all involved and although I don't have a total for the fund raiser I'm sure it was worth it.

Thanks to Geoff and Louise for another great day and I believe Herb's garlic prawns were worth waiting for.

Dave Rayner also turned up on his newly painted masterpiece, awesome!!!