Head Register

Ivan Hoey and Bill Wallis thought it might be a good idea if we started a register for head and rocker cover numbers that members had in the hope they may be able to find a match.

As most of you know the head and rocker cover on the XS650 is machined as a pair and should never be split, unfortunately it appears that many wreckers and private sellers do split them in the hope of making more money.

I'm sure ignorance also played a part in this as I can see someone going to a wrecker and wanting to buy another head so he can give it a big port job and being asked do you want the rocker cover as well and saying no thanks I already have one.

If you want to include your head and rocker box numbers to this list sent them to Terry Gliddon for inclusion.

If anyone sent numbers before and they did not make it onto this list please send them again.

So to see if we can reverse this trend here are the head and rocker box numbers held by members.



Rocker Cover
Ivan Hoey B1435 2P61
" G324 H297
Bill Wallis E1139 69Z
" ZR150 4G42
" - A660
Daryl Hutcheon YL34 70139
" 5F84 K256
" - 9J114
" - B2904
'' 4p43 K2164
'' 7Q128 K540
'' 7059 3T10
'' 414 X344
'' XQ35 1N102
'' J1117 2L18
Bruce Cannon E1800 1B64
Warren Taylor K2137 YR52
" 8V69 L2550
" A2254 8M36
" - 4925
" - 6315
club racer spares I1859 ZH97
" A28 K1944
" IT139 7T101
" XN85 5717
" J163 C597
" 29128 4J5
Andrew Owens D1600 N681
Brenton Toms ZJ156 4P41
Kevin Partington H104 3s39

Here is where to look for these numbers if you want to join this register.

On the front of the head and rocker box where they join.