Help Page

This page was created to help those in need of assistance.

There are several resources we can rely on for help within the XS650 fraternity, that is help other than the usual help we can get from the workshop manual or your friendly neighborhood Yamaha dealer.

This especially true if you are connected to the internet as there are many sources of information like this club's web pages where you can read about  what's happening in the world of XS650's and where to buy the parts etc. But if you want to ask a question and get an answer pronto there are limited resources for this.

One of these resources is the YAM650 discussion group based in the United States and is a mailing list type forum where you register with them and you then receive all mail sent to them from all the others registered with the group.

This allows you to watch what is being discussed and if you wish you can join in or ask a question and by this means get answers to your questions. There are many knowledgeable people who frequent this list that are more than willing to help.

Got to for subscription details.

Another source of information is the XS650 Garage USA at where again you can register and logon to ask your question and hopefully get the answers you seek. This service is more like a bulletin board and has all the previous questions and answers there for all to see all laid out in order of subject like engine, electrical etc.

If all else fails you can contact any of the club's office bearers listed on another page of the website and if they can help they will.