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AGM 2019

The AGM this year was held at David Rayner's place and has now been done and dusted with a few changes to the makeup of the club's committee and some of the jobs within the club. I will no longer be responsible for the newsletters or the website as these will now be done by Tony Sibary. For a full rundown of the AGM check the December newsletter for details. It has been an honour for me to serve the club for the past decade or so and hope the club will now move on to better things, all the best - Terry Gliddon

Newsletter Number 152

The latest newsletter for December will be sent in the next day or so, if you haven't received yours before Christmas contact the club secretary Tony Sibary to find out why at

Wiring Looms

Need a wiring loom for your bike? Give Greg Cook a call on 0407212038 for a quote.
10% Club member discount
Leongatha VIC

New Badges

New service badges have now been made and are for 25 years Yamaha Blue and 30 years Yamaha Red. Pics to follow when I have them.

Belt Buckles

A vote was taken at the 2015 AGM regarding whether or not to produce some new belt buckles and it was decided we would and the design chosen was this one.

It was thought that the dates of manufacture for the Yamaha XS650 and the side view of the motor was most liked by those in attendance. We will now pursue getting these made for sale in club merchandise in the future.


On reflection the committee discussed whether or not it would be more beneficial to the club to make the belt buckles more generic and therefore easier to sell and it was decided to go with this design instead.

If you disagree with the change let Terry Gliddon or John Chamber know before the engraving has been done to make the moulds, before Christmas.

Lawrence Moloney is doing some examples for us to look at right now and I hope to have them soon so we can finalise the ones we want.

New laminated XS2 Engine Illustration Poster

I am now reproducing this illustration poster showing an expanded Yamaha XS2 engine , the resolution is very high and the definition is excellent and they are laminated which makes them the perfect gift for the bloke who has everything. The proceeds from the sale of these posters will be used to fund the club racer project. If anyone wants one of these posters the price is $50 in Australia. This poster is a copy of the original poster produced by Yamaha. This price includes the $10.75 for postage and the mailing tube to send it in.

The easiest way to purchase these is to let me know you want one at and I will send you a PayPal invoice or you can send me a PayPal payment to or ask me for alternative payment methods.

Don't forget to include your name and address in any transactions so I know who paid and where to send it.

I can also include one of these club badges in the package for an extra $12


These badges can be bought individually for $17 including postage and packaging from John Chambers at proceeds from the badges goes to the club's general revenue.

We now also have some updated loyalty badges for years 25 and 30 and an updated graphic on the most used badge year 5


Check for new road rules in Victoria

Ignorance of the law is no excuse so check for new rules that apply to motorcycles at the address below so you don't get caught doing something that is now illegal.

Club Racer Sponsors

As ratified at the last AGM cash sponsors for the club racer are only displayed on the sponsors page under the club racer banner.

New Book on XS650 Engine

I'm the author of a new book about the Yamaha XS 650 engine, which is meant as a supplement to the original workshop manual.
The book provides a very detailed description of the function of the Yamaha XS650 engine, which is based on more than 400 colour photos. With the help of this book anyone who has the necessary equipment and basic knowledge should be able to perform maintenance and repair-work.
The electric system of the XS650 is described on 35 pages with 38 colour photos and graphics and an extensive explanation of the function and how to test all components of the power supply.
In addition, a highly simplified wiring harness, which contains all the necessary functions, is shown.
Since new spare parts are rarely available, a whole chapter with 34 colour photos is dedicated to the description of typical damages.
It will help to recognize the beginning of wear and to decide wether a part should be replaced or not.
Here you can download an excerpt of the book, which I have attached as well.
The book is now available on Amazon for US$31.95 at
Thanks in advance and best regards
Hans J Pahl
Ingenieurbüro für Fahrzeugtechnik www.ingenieurbü

I just ordered the book and it cost me AU$58.60 including postage etc. - Terry Gliddon

Dutch Club Magazines

I have recently been receiving these magazines from the Yamaha 650 Twin Klub Nederland and was wondering if any of our club members are from Holland and would like to read them. If so contact Terry Gliddon at and I'll scan them and send them out to you. We have a reciprocal arrangement as we sent them our newsletters.

We also receive the occasional copy of the XS650 Society newsletter I can pass on if anyone is interested.

Jason Smith's Hill climb bike

If you want to see Jason Smith's XS650 based hill climber in action check this link to you tube out

The XS Café

Is now back online at more soon.

New Race Spec High Ratio Primary Drive Gears

Ivan Hoey is now producing some new High Ratio Primary Drive Gears and he is calling them his race spec gears. These gears have been lightened for racing and are also micro polished and race proven in his championship winning race bike over the last two years. Call Ivan for pricing details on 0407 686 520 or email him at

Ivan is also making some new rephase shafts, these are made with EN36a steel and are race proven in his own race bike.
Talk to him for a price on these.

Geoff's XS new billet front hub

Geoff's XS also offer a new billet 36 spoke front hub which includes wheel bearings and bearing separator tube and also includes a stainless steel speedo drive. Made right here in Sydney exclusively for Geoff's XS. Geoff's price $345

Geoff's are now also offering bikes for sale at so if you are in the market for a project or a nice original bike check out Geoff's XS. New stock arriving from the USA soon.

Did you know a soft drink bottle has the same thread as your 650 dip stick. Cut the bottle in half screw it in and you have the perfect oil funnel.