AGM 2006

The annual general meeting for 2006 was held at Geoff Bamford's estate and here are some pics of the occasion.

A crowd of onlookers checking out Dave Rayner's bike which was ridden to the AGM. Left to right Terry Gliddon, Phil Dorman, Tony Filmer and Mr. John Blanch.

Ray Spence sitting on his nice XS2

Mark & Geoff, Kevin Boss, Dave "I rode my bike here" Rayner and Chris "Bung" Williams


Dave Rayner, Ivan Hoey , Terry Gliddon, Tony Filmer, John Blanch, Phil Dorman, Herb Conlin and Mark Peatman.

The meeting gets underway.

The hangers on at god knows what time of the morning and me and Kev comparing physiques.

Back row Left to Right:- Steve Hobbs, Warren Buffett, Ivan Hoey, Phil Dorman, Dave Rayner, Herb Conlin, Geoff Bamford

Front row:- Ray Spence, Chris Williams, Terry Gliddon and Kevin Boss

A good time was had by all and many thanks go to Geoff and Louise for putting up with us and feeding us and providing such a great place to meet. Sorry to those who didn't turn up, you missed a great AGM.

The results of the meeting

Dave Taylor as President 

Dave Rayner as Secretary/Treasurer

Terry Gliddon as Web Manager

Two new life members, Kevin Boss and Dave Rayner

Dave Rayner will be writing a proper story on the meeting which I will add later.