The 2012 AGM has been and gone with the meeting opening at 6.30pm and the members being welcomed to the AGM by the club president Geoff Bamford.

Terry Gliddon was asked to stand in for Dave Rayner who could not attend this year because of work commitments.

First item of business was the financial report given by Terry Gliddon which was read out highlighting the cash flows in and out for club business such as the cost of T shirts, website and the printing of newsletters. The number of financial members was estimated to be between 206 & 269 and an overall funds increase showed the club to be in a healthy financial state.

Additional funds raised for the construction of the club racer also showed a healthy balance.

Second item on the agenda was a report on the Club racer by Ivan Hoey and Kevin Boss which resulted in some lively discussion and an in depth question and answer session ending in a resolution continue with additional fund raising efforts to supply tyres etc. as and when needed. Terry Gliddon also showed the members some light weight crankshaft components he bought along to the meeting and explained some of the difficulties in getting some things done where CNC machining is required and Jurgen Van Den Bos volunteered his engineering business as a possible solution to this problem in future.

It was also suggested that the  Broadford Bike Bonanza be a possible opportunity for members to ride the club racer next year on day licenses. It was explained the this particular event is not a race day but a display day for older bikes to do laps behind a lead rider making it a safe experience and an excellent opportunity to ride the bike around the track.
It was moved by Rodney Johnson that this be organised for next year and was seconded by Ron Jarmyn and passed unanimously.

Terry Gliddon proposed the club investigate whether club members could be given name tags containing the club name and members name and membership number.
If this could be done at a reasonable price it was proposed that we go ahead and order these for distribution among the current financial members and new members receive theirs after joining.
Seconded by Dave Taylor and passed unanimously.

It was also proposed we investigate the production of club belt buckles for sale to augment the other club related items like t-shirts, stubby holders and caps etc.
Proposed by Mark Peatman and seconded by John Chambers and passed.

Dave Taylor then spoke about the necessity for members to understand the club's requirements for issuing of club permits with regard to restored and modified bikes and it was decided to let each state clarify this with the relevant bodies in their own state. 
It was moved by Dave Taylor to make it compulsory in all states to supply a roadworthy certificate issued by a licensed tester to remove the onus of whether a bike presented by a member for a permit is safe to ride or not and also that a picture of the bike as presented for a permit be kept as proof that the bike is not subsequently modified after the permit is issued. 
Seconded by Terry Gliddon and passed.

The positions of club President, Secretary, Treasurer and Web Manager were then declared vacant and nominations were called for to fill these positions.

Geoff Bamford was re elected unopposed for the position of President.

Rodney Johnson declared himself available for the position of club Secretary as did David Rayner in his absence, a vote was taken and Rodney was declared the new club secretary.

John Chambers declared himself available for the position of club Treasurer as did David Rayner in his absence , a vote was taken and John Chambers was declared the new club treasurer.

Terry Gliddon was re elected unopposed for the position of Web Manager for the club.

David Rayner was applauded for his outstanding commitment to the club over many years as both Secretary and Treasurer and it was hoped that he enjoys a well earned rest.

Phil Mester and his partner Wendy, our hosts for the weekend, were asked to be the judges of the best bike trophy and they agreed that Ron Jarmyn's XS2 be declared the winner.

Longest travelled award went to Max Evens who rode from Mona Vale north of Sydney.

The AGM shirt will be light blue if that colour is available and if not it will a shade of blue determined by the President.

The members thanked Phil and Wendy for the excellent job they did as hosts for the AGM.

Thanks to the twenty eight members who attended making this AGM the most successful ever held in Victoria. 

Special thanks to John Chambers who did all the cooking.


Pat Newman, Kevin Boss, Ivan Hoey, Colin Waltho (kneeling), Phil Benz, Mark Peatman, Lionel Boss (kneeling) Dave Taylor, Steve Carle, Frank Meade (kneeling)

Rodney Johnson, Dave Skilbeck (kneeling), Kevin Palmer, Geoff Bamford, David Phillis, Colin Levy, Dale Wilkinson, David Bath, Terry Gliddon (kneeling)

Ron Jarmyn, Rob Hird, John Chambers (kneeling), Herb Conlin, Phil Mester, Wayne Kennedy.

Daryl Hutcheon, Max Evans and Rob McKie showed up after the group picture was taken.

If I have any of these names misspelt or assigned to the wrong person please let me know so I can rectify the error.