AGM 2018


AGM 2018 Results

The votes have been counted and the results are in:-

President - David Rayner
Secretary - Tony Sibary (in 2019)
Web Manager - Terry Gliddon
Newsletter Editor -  No Nominations
Public Officer - David Rayner
Race Bike Manager - Ivan Hoey
Race Bike Committee - Nick McGinn, Stacey Heaney, Mark Peatman.

Where no nominations were received the incumbent will continue to serve until a replacement can be found.
Full AGM report to follow ASAP.

What a happy looking lot!

left to right

Mark Peatman, Neil Bennett, Kevin Palmer, Terry Gliddon, Rod Johnson, Morgan Tyrell (our host), Ron Jarmyn (longest ride on a XS650), tony Sibary, Geoff Bamford, Stephen Gourdon, John Stevens (furthest from home, QLD), Nick McGinn, Stephen Carle, John Chambers, Daryl Faull, Tom Cleggett and finally Craig Bath. Des Heaney was also there but arrived too late for the picture.

Official Minutes for AGM 2018
Scaresdale VIC
on the 6/10/2018


          Registration by 2:30 Commenced meeting at 3.10 pm

          Attendees   See on page 7

          Proxies & Apologies on page 7

          Apologies   See on page 7

      Opening welcoming comments to attending members by President, Geoff Bamford

      Acceptance of the 2017 minutes to be true:   

 The minutes that appear in issue number 140 of the XS650 NEWS were adopted as the official minutes. The recollections of John Chambers and Terry Gliddon were accepted by the attending members to be accepted as the minutes for the 2017 meeting.

Minutes accredited by Antony Sibary.

          Treasurers Report by John Chambers

a.  Club funds total $12470.00 (bank, petty cash,)

Up about $2150.00 approx. on last year. The increase is due mainly to the membership paying their dues in advance and receiving a discount for bulk years in advance.


b.   Un deposited Funds (Cheques) total $364.00

c.   Race account funds total $1267.55.........

d.   Surplus (Profit) for the year $1934.00.........

         Secretaries Report by John Chambers

a.        Membership as at the 30 September 2016 stand at 173 (Financial, Honorary, Life, committee.) with 60 outstanding of which we can expect on past years a further 40 by the end of the year. (Once they realise they are not receiving their newsletters,) that should leave us about 20 members down on last year. 

b.       There is and no follow up by myself on the plastic card machine. EG. (Idea that the paper card just is not adequate and I shall need to purchase the appropriate machine and cards that best suit us.)

c.        Club Belt Buckles - After consultation with Laurie Moloney it was conceded that due to unforeseen circumstances and a murderous work load he would not be able to supply samples for the AGM but will endeavour to be done as soon as possible.

           Instagram report: report by Antony Sibary  We currently have 60 members using Instagram but are still getting used to how to take advantage of the association with the club site ## xs650clubaust

  •          Face book report: Matt Taylor and (second) Steve Carle.  No update asked.

           Website Managers Report: Terry GliddonTerry reported that the monthly average for hits on the club’s website was still running in the hundreds of thousands and most of the work he has undertaken lately was in the area of the Notice Board and Calendar pages where the most changes take place, most other pages remain mostly static as references for informational purposes.

          Race Bike Managers Report: by Ivan Hoey

Ivan was unable to attend this year’s AGM as he was elsewhere racing. It was pointed out to the club that the race bike would next be attending “Mt Tarrengower” where rider Stacey Heaney will be defending her “Queen of the Mountain Title”.

          General Business

          Proposed motion has been made: Amalgamation of treasurer and secretary positions.

Discussion: The amalgamation of this position will mean that the position will and can be managed much easier. That the position will only carry 1 voting right and will therefore return the voting to an odd number allowing for a less tied votes.

Proposed: Terry Gliddon
Seconded: Mark Peatman
Passed: Unanimously

          Proposed motion has been made: The need for a club cheque book.

Discussion: Is it necessary for the club to retain a Club Cheque book in today’s electronic age of digital transfers (EFTPOS). Over the years we have written less than 10 cheques. Everything is done on line and the need for cheques in our transactions are now nil. The cheque book should then be destroyed and the need for club signatories registered with our bank no longer needed as only 2 will be needed. This will be overseen by the treasurer, and if required by a Second that will only act as a backup. This second person will receive an alarm if any transaction over $200 dollars is paid. (most transfers and payments are under $200) therefore only unusual payments will be flagged.

Proposed: Mark Peatman
Seconded: Rodney Johnson.
Passed: Unanimously



That the race bike make its way to Sydney after the Phillip Island Race meeting January 2019 to be campaigned in NSW for Speed Week. There after to remain in NSW as there are members in NSW who are prepared to maintain it and campaign it from there.

Race bike will be going to NSW due to the lack of time and commitment of the current Melbourne race committee members. Also the apparent NSW enthusiasm of the current members to service, maintain and campaign the Race bike over the next twelve months.

This proposal was accepted by the attending members and by the attending race bike committee members.


 That it be put to the members that the club create State Chapters of the Club.
It was pointed out to the attending members that it may be necessary to investigate how this could be done under the current constitution.  Also, that it should be put to the members as a whole whether they would even consider the idea.

Invitations would need to be sent to members for there idea on how this idea might work or if at all it should be accepted as a motion.

          Member Awards

A: Best Bike………………….Ron Jarmyn (VIC).
B: Longest Travelled by XS650…..  Ron Jarmyn
C: Longest Travelled..  Matthew John Stevens (QLD)

          AGM Shirt:  Colour and Style
   Polo with Pocket   Grey with White.

          Further Business
    Life Memberships:

          Proposed that the following be considered:

Nominated: Mark Peatman (by Geoff Bamford)

Second: Terry Gliddon

Discussion: Un-opposed. No discussion required.

Vote: Unanimously Approved for Life Membership

          All positions were declared vacant and the following nominations accepted prior to voting.

President……………………..…David Rayner
Vice Person/President………….Mark Peatman
Treasurer/Secretary……………John Chambers (Interim) No nominations forwarded
(A nomination was eventually received from Anthony Sibary and he became club secretary in 2018 by order of the club committee)
Webpage Manager……Terry Gliddon (Unopposed)
Newsletter Editor…………Terry Gliddon   (Interim) Due to no official acceptance of the role. No official nomination was received from Ian Lihou for the position of Newsletter Editor prior to the AGM so he was released from the position of assistant editor that was accepted by him at the last AGM to trial the position with a view to taking it on in future.  

Race Bike Committee………..Ivan Hoey (Race Bike Manager) (Unopposed)
                                      Nick McGinn
                                      Stacey Heaney
Mark Peatman

Public Officer………………David Rayner (Unopposed)

A.      All 2017-2018 existing positions removed and returned except for change of President and the interim Treasurer/Secretary position. (Nomination for the joint Secretary/Treasurer position can be sorted through application to the committee for approval.)

B.       Member held proxies where not introduced as the numbers would have made no difference to the outcome. (These can be viewed on the attendee’s roll)

          Meeting Closed and Morgan Tyrell thanked for having us all here at his property and accommodating so many this year.

          Proxies & Apologies – Wayne Watson, Ray Ferraris, Paul Tipler, Barry Corby, Barry John White, Nigel Lovett, Steven Hobbs, Andrew Dixon, Mark Azzopardi, Chris (Bung) Williams, Peter Anderson.

          Apologies – Dale Wikinson, Daryl Hutcheon, David Rayner, Ivan Hoey

          Attendees - Mark Peatman, Neil Bennett, Kevin Palmer, Terry Gliddon, Rodney Johnson, Morgan Tyrell, Ron Jarmyn, Anthony Sibary, Geoff Bamford, Stephen Gourdon, John Stevens, Nick McGinn, Stephen Carle, John Chambers, Daryl Faull, Tom Cleggett, Craig Bath & Des Heaney. A couple of the members wives also attended and it was great to have them there.


The 2019 AGM will be held in Medowie N.S.W. at the home of David Rayner.