Engine Weight


What can be done to reduce the weight of an XS650 engine?

Engine Weight

Our resident racer Ivan Hoey was curious about the weight of his highly anorexic racing XS motor. If you look at the pictures you will see what I mean about anorexic, Ivan has been merciless in his quest for lightness.


As you can see the motor has been drilled inside and out. 

The motor has also been modified in the kick start shaft area, look closely at the pictures on the right, needle roller bearings instead of bushes.

 Because I  have removed all of electric start gear I  wanted my kick starter shaft, on rollers, cost me $30. +  time
 bearing in case ......HK2016
 bearing side cover...HK2516

The result of all that hard work:-

Race engine =56.8 kg  (no oil, carby's & left cover not fitted,)
Standard engine=68.7 kg (no oil, carby's, manifolds, left cover).

A saving of 11.9 kg