Torque Specs


If I had a dollar for every time I was asked about torque specifications on XS650's I'd be a wealthy man. So here are a couple of tables of specs copied from the workshop manual. As you can see all of the specs given are in Metres per Kilogram force (m/kgs), foot pounds (ft/lbs) or Inch pounds (in/lbs) Of course here in Australia we talk in Newton/metres (N/m) so to do the conversion from those old ft/lbs to N/m just multiply by 1.35582 and for in/lbs to N/m multiply by 0.112984775

Eg. if you have a 10mm bolt (dimension B) from Table 1. the correct tension would be :-

25 - 29 ft/lbs
25 ft/lbs X 1.35582 = 33.8955 N/m
29 ft/lbs X 1.35582 = 39.31878 N/m
So the correct tension would be 34 - 39 N/m (rounded)

Tables on this page were scanned from a Yamaha XS650B workshop manual and reworked for ft/lbs and N/m which are more commonly used than m/kgs here in Australia.

Standard torque setting guide by nut & bolt size
Table 1. is used where the nuts and bolts are used together or are screwed onto or into steel.

Table 1.

Special torque settings for various XS650 nuts & bolts
Table 2. is used where these nuts and bolts are used in alloy or require a special torque setting.
(Usually less than the standard guide)

Table 2.

Convert.exe is a small program that does conversions download it and place it on your desktop, I found it very useful.