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Seal Replacement Kit incorporating primary drive, crank shaft & clutch actuator (installed cases closed).

Complete with seals and clips.

Primary Drive Seal, Carrier & clips (installed cases closed). 89.00
Crank shaft "Viton" seal, Carrier & clips (installed cases closed). 93.00
Clutch Actuator seal & clip (installed cases closed). 63.00
Seal Carrier kits (installed cases open). Primary drive, crankshaft & clutch actuator. 135.00
Aluminium twin piston brake calipers with seals. 260.00
Stainless steel brake pistons to suit above brake caliper. 30.00
Stainless steel brake pistons to suit Special. 45.00
Clutch Actuator shaft (one piece, hardened both ends). 30.00
Master cylinder reservoir (to suit XS 650C) from billet aluminium. 50.00
Lids to suit above (black plastic or billet aluminium). 40.00
80mm cylinder sleeves (750cc). 84.00
84mm cylinder sleeves (840cc). 84.00

533 big end pins

2 piece dowels for 840 kit (set of two) 25.00

Please note prices exclude GST (10%) and freight.

One piece clutch rod and Seal kit for installation with the crankcases closed.


Seal kit for installation with crankcases open and alloy master cylinder reservoir 


                                      Starter springs                                                        Oversized oil unions (if you strip the threads in the crankcase)

Stainless steel disk brake calipre piston old style and new

RZ permanent magnet alternator conversion key and clutch push rod seal replacement (easy install)