Video Page

Over the years we have collected some video footage of our members involved in racing so we decided to create this page so everyone who wants to can download these movies. They are quite large so I advise only those with a broadband connection to attempt downloading them. Most are in .wmv format so can be watched with your Windows Media Player however there are some in .m4v format so will need an MP4 player

Geelong Revival sprints 2018

Saturday run at Mount Tarrengower 2017

Nepean Classic Dirt Track August 2017

Joe Allan's Boardtracker at Dave Taylor memorial BBQ 2017

Stacey at the Island Classic 2017

Saturday run up Mount Tarrengower 2016

AGM 2016

Victorian Road Race Titles 2016, Period 4 unlimited race

Island Classic 2016

McNamara Park South Australia Historic Road race Championship Meeting

December 27th 2014 Race 1 P4 & P5

Southern Classic 2014 race 3

Southern Classic 2014 race 4

Eastern Creek Barry Sheene Festival of Speed 2013

You Tube Links to Bill Wallis's off road bike going through it's paces

You Tube link to the Ton Up Boys Rocker's Ride 2010 

Ross Harrington Movie

Ivan Hoey racing at Oran Park in 2009

This was the last classic bike meeting held at Oran Park before the track closed permanently

Matt Moloney at Lismore

Matt racing his sidecar-X outfit at Lismore in Victoria in 2009

Rob McKie at Broadford 2012

Rob's first ride of his racer at Broadford in February 2012, not a race day.

Broadford Bike Bonanza 2012

Some footage of the pit area at the road race circuit including the Indian display for the 100th aniversary.

AGM 2010

Video by Bill Wallis of the 2010 AGM in Sydney

Prelude to the laps of Eastern Creek

Bill Wallis's prelude to the Eastern Creek ride 2012

Barry Sheene ride 2012

Bill Wallis' head camera video of the club ride around Eastern creek at the Barry Sheene.

Herbs tracker being started

Roller starter in action at the Barry Sheene Festival of speed

Matt's 840cc rephase, what it sounds like!

and again!

Matt's machine

Matt Moloney made a machine in his home workshop to copy camshafts. What is does is act like a pantograph i.e. it exactly copies one cam onto a blank. How it does this is by placing the original cam at the bottom and the new blank on top and both are connected by a cam chain to an electric motor which makes them spin together at the same speed and in the same orientation. Then the grinding wheel is introduced to the blank while a probe follows the lobes of the copied cam making the grinding wheel follow it exactly ending with an exact copy of the original cam. This machine is so good it can be made to made to stop when a particular base circle is reached thus restoring a cam that has been ground previously to original base circle specs and restore the original rocker angle. Welded up and reground cams reduce the base circle and change the rocker angle.

Starting with a cam to copy and a billet blank

finishing with a beautiful copy