A place to view some very nice looking XS650's

Here's a few that I have either pilfered from the web or have been sent to me and at my age I remember which, enjoy!

Hello XS fans on the other side of the world. A month ago I finished my XS cafe-fighter project. I've built some XSses before, mostly in the traditional cafe-racer style.
This project (named LynXS) combines old and modern. In technical and optional way. Frame is an original ´77 XS, only the seat section is about 2,5 inch higher. Front fork and wheels are taken from a Suzuki GSX 750 r (1993)while the swingarm is donated by a GSX 1100 (1984). I've made an offset front sprocket which put the chainline 1 cm. outside. Now the chain clears the tire and was I able to use a 170 rear tire. All the electrical components are hidden under the alloy seat. The exhaust system is handmade of 45 mm stainless steel. The engine has several improvements. I've covered almost 500 miles now, it's really a blast to ride. I'm member of the Dutch XS 650 club, a fanatic club with more then 600 members. Check our site at
You can find here a huge photo gallery with all sorts of XS650´s.
I'm also collecting XS 650 documentation for many years. Mostly brochures and articles from motorcycle mags. Maybe somebody can help me with this collection. Of course I will change XS documentation. XSee you!
Hans Prost, Zutphen, Holland.

John Archers brand new Café Racer built by Geoff Bamford

Something different, fancy a radial motor? Yes I know is not an XS but I couldn't resist it.

Seen anything you like yet? keep looking I'm sure there'll be something that will catch your eye.

Above Tim Prices' bike in the "EXILE" style made famous by Russell Mitchell in the US Biker build off series on Foxtel pay TV. Pics sent in by Richard Kubala

This one I did get from the web, check out their website, some very nice bikes.

I had to include our very own Dave Rayner's bike, one of the very best.

And now for something completely different, Trackers, my own personal favourites.

There's more to come like café racers etc. but these will have to do, for the time being, until I can get some more worthy candidates for this page. If you have some send them to me and I'll include them.

Francois sent this picture of his "Transformed" XS2