AGM 2016


AGM Agenda & Minutes

The 2016 Annual General Meeting was held at the weekend and all officers of the club were returned. A full report will be posted here as soon as it is transcribed from the notes taken during the meeting.

The obligatory group shot at the AGM.

Front :- John Chambers, Dave Skilbeck, Chris “Bung” Williams, Tate Whitton, Dave Rayner, Mark Azzopardi.

Back :- Ian Smith, Geoff Bamford, Pat Newman, Andrew Owen, Daryl Hutcheon, Daniel Bremner, Max Evans, Ivan Hoey, Rodney Johnson, Perry Sargent, Terry Gliddon, Mark Peatman, Dave Preston, Edward Pasternak, Julijan O’Korn, Raymond Ferraris, Mal Rowe.

Steve Hobbs and Andrew Iggo had to leave before the group picture was taken.

Many thanks to Geoff and Louise Bamford for letting us use their property for the AGM.

A short video taken at the AGM

Ivan Hoey's TX650

Mark Peatman's outfit

Mark Peatman's Cafe racer

FCR racer

Ivan's racers flat track and road

Chris "Bung" Williams' bike

Dave Skillbeck and Ian Smith