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Brent McArthur

My bike is a project build based on a 1977 XS650 that I have been working on over the last couple of years. The frame has been modified to accommodate the suspension required for the Suzuki GSX rear end. The front forks have been replaced with those from a YZF1000 using calipers from a Yamaha Diversion. New Morad rims with the rear being 4.25 inches to accommodate an Avon Cobra 150/80 tire. To create a clean old fashion cable only look at the handle bars, the hydraulic master cylinders for the clutch and front brake have been mounted low behind the motor. The rear master cylinder has been mounted under the front sprocket. The engine is a standard 750 upgrade with a RHS gear shift conversion. The electronics have been reworked on a test boards and include PMA, Pamco ignition, Shorai battery, SDC indicator unit, Thunderheart latching, all delivered from micro momentary switches via a hand built Schmitt trigger debounce circuit.