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Brian Greenlees

Road Bike Modifications: 750cc, CR 10:1 Rephased, Web 59A cam, Adjustable cam sprocket (Nick McGinn) 36mm VM Mikunis, Probe ignition, RZ alternator, Mikes XS oil filter, Fork brace, Brembo disc and master cylinder, R1 calliper, Halogen insert, upgraded fork springs with emulators, Gazzi rear shocks, Swing arm bearings replaced, tapered steering stem bearings. Future plans further refinement of suspension and development of motor.

Tracker Engine: Porsche tappet adjusters, upgraded valve springs, Adjustable cam sprocket (Nick McGinn) 277o megacycle clone cam, Oversized valves and porting, Bronze valve guides ,Rocker breather PCV and catch tank, 36mm VM Mikuni carbs, aluminium manifolds, Probe ignition, Dyna coils,750 Big Fin Barrel and Pistons,277 Rephased crank, RZ alternator, External Spin on oil filter, SV 1000 oil cooler, High volume oil pump, High ratio 5th gear, High ratio primary gears, Electric starter removed, Kick start on roller bearings, clutch upgrade, one piece clutch rod, Cush drive springs modified, Hydraulic conversion, 520 chain, Engine Seal adaptors (Lance Stewart),Mufflers SuperTrapp Hypercoated, Fabricated Advance and ignition covers Chassis Mods Stock frame braced, deluged rear loop removed, Non relieved swing arm bolt. Tapered steering head bearings, Aluminium swing arm, motard wheels, XT 600 rear & GSX 1200SS front brake callipers, ZXR 250 front brake master cylinder, Honda VTR 1000 clutch master cylinder, SV 650 front end upgraded, Fork brace, custom triple and handle bar clamps, Ignition switch repositioned, twin headlights, Speedo/ Tacho Trail Tech Vapour, Tank and Seat Omar’s, Braded steel lines. Weight 163 kg (Dry). The Tracker has been run not been ridden yet, just completed. In near future going to get some rear shocks that actually work.