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Colin Levey

Here are the photos of my bike, which is a TX650a matching numbers bike, I'm not sure if it was an Aussie bike but the original speedo was in km/h so that rules out the USA. I bought it for a guy in Werribee who spent about 3 years restoring it, I think it had been laying around in someone's garage for about 15-20 years. Since the rebuild it has done about 2000 km, I have cleaned the carbies and changed the jetting, replaced the rear mufflers had shorties previously, cleaned up gauges, replaced handlebars, basically just cleaned up and finished off bits and pieces. The engine is stock with larger stainless headers, ignition is Boyer Bransdon with iridium spark plugs, the bike starts easily and runs faultlessly. Cheers for now, Col Levey.

We also have some picture taken at the 2010 AGM at Phillip Island which Colin attended.




Colin keeps his bike immaculate and it is a credit to him, he rode it to Daryl Hutcheon's BBQ and it still looks perfect.