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Dave Rayner

This is my '77D. It was in very run down shape when I bought it for $600 back in 1989. The idea was to rebuild it to stock with a few subtle improvements but something went horribly wrong along the way. It has a 90 degree 750 engine with Carrillo rods, JE pistons, Weeks head, Porsche tappets, 36mm Mikuni flat slide carbs, 2 Boyer-Bransden ignitions, RD-250 alternator, oil cooler with remote filter and braided stainless lines with Earl's fittings, high volume oil pump, 8 Barnett clutch plates hydraulically actuated, and a belt driven Megacycle 250-30 cam. The frame is stock but the swingarm is handmade to accommodate the belt drive to the wheel, and the front end consists of a '79 Special rear wheel in Suzuki GSXR-750 forks converted to cartridge with custom 10" wide triple clamps and fork brace. Mudguards and side covers are 'glass while the tank is stock. Paint is not stock.