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Dave Skilbeck

Special Edition 650 mods Mikes XS floating disc, internal damper & progressive springs in front tubes,750cc pistons, Mikes XS performance cam valve springs, new rockers,13/4 exhaust headers, reduction primary drive from Ivan 18t 32tooth final drive cruises @100k @ 2800rpm, fuel approx. 5ltrs to 100ks has c model tank fitted largest tank available, home made ugly plates & rear luggage rack, MSR windshield thank to Ivan, Mikes XS, Kevin Boss (assembly and put up with me) and Enware chromers



Dave has, since this picture was taken, had the bike repainted with new badges fitted as well as new multi spoke Heritage wheels to finish the look. A beautiful job Dave.


This picture was taken at the 2016 AGM which Dave attended.