Mike Gilmour





Hi Terry

 I bought the bike in the US in 2011 and brought it over in 2012, it had a pretty sad looking set of low pipes on it when I bought it into Australia.

It has 13k original miles, it had not been started or used for 10 years, I drained the oil and changed all the filters, fuelled her up and it started first kick or first button push.

I spent about 6 months looking for an upsweep exhaust system, I have always liked the high pipe look, the fact is back when I was around 22 I made a set of my own pipes.

When I found Jon Eastern at Jemco, his type of pipe design and style suited me, the pipes John makes have the pipes on the right hand side so when the bike is on the side stand there are there to show off. Of course the original racers had them on the other side to suit the tracks they were racing on.

I bought the upsweep pipes off Jon in June of 2013 and had them posted to a friend of mine in Montana, they had to be made and arrive before August because that coordinated with me going over to the Bonneville Salt Flats speed week, which I have been going to for 7 years (That is another story) anyway I packed the upsweep pipes into my suitcase along with a heap of other parts for my Plymouth and Dodges and brought them home. 

I think I was home 2 days and I had the pipes on the bike unpainted, the first photo is that first day and then I decided to paint them black for maintenance reasons.

I have had some great rides on my XS650 and it certainly turns heads, not only because it sounds great, but it also at bit different, not a bad look and sound for $480.00 Oz dollars at the time.  

Cheers Mate ~ Mike