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Wayne Kennedy's Staggered Crank XS650


Here is a pic (I have a few) of the bike. It has done 3000K now and hasn't missed a beat, except a plug goes every 900K, not on the same cylinder and not oil fouled. I was using B8ES plugs and now trying BP7ES. I think it could have something to do with LRP fuel. The plugs look rusty when you pull them out. This motor doesn't like Unleaded, or even Premium.

       With the staggered crank I had to put in a 7 plate clutch to handle the torque and now that slips anywhere near 4000RPM. I've had it up to 180K (with an SV 650 next to me to verify speed) and it slipped like shit and it had more to go. The rest of the motor is stock, apart from anXS2 cam, but with a good exhaust and the staggered crank the power SNAPS in at about 5000RPM. Vibration? Why balance the crank when now I can sit on 120K all day, even with solid mount handlebars. Any more pics or info just give me a yell.

As of the September 2012, Old yella is currently for sale in Just Motorcycles magazine if you want to buy the first 277 ever made and registered in Oz

                                                                                                            Wayne. kennedywayne@hotmail.com

Here's a couple of pics Wayne sent in of his former rides, above is his classic racer and below his Rickman framed XS.


Wayne's new project the XS650 motor in a ZZR250 frame.


Wayne Kennedy's Gixer Project

Hi Terry,
           Here is a pic of my long term project. Its a 1993 Suzuki GSXR1100 Rolling frame that I got cheap. The fairings are already on Ebay to be sold, I want a naked bike, but still with the sports bike riding position. As far as I can see all the engine mounts on the frame line up with the XS motor, bar the lower rear one, which will have to be cut off and a new one made up. There is heaps of space for the carbs and air filter pods, plus all the other under tank stuff. The only hassle I can see to fitting it will be to do an outrigger gearbox sprocket, space it out about an inch, but I'll work that out when the time comes. Even the frame is shaped at the front down tubes to take the XS exhaust headers, very cool. 
           I went to the Sale swap meet today and got a yammy 650 motor, with spare crank, barrels, starter motors, heads, clutches and heaps more for $250.00 the lot. Looks like my credit card is going to get a hammering at Mikes very soon. I enclosed a pic of the GSXS1100R (hence the GSXS) with the Yammy motor just sitting in it. I have made up most of the engine mounts already. The forks were sent off to Qld to get re hard chromed. I have got a new Acewell digital speedo/tacho unit already to be fitted. I have the 26" Commando style mufflers from Mikes( I fitted a set to a 650 I did work on and they sound and look great with a deep note) I recommend them to anyone thinking of fitting new mufflers. I'll post more pics as the bike progresses, but it wont be an overnight build. You can add it to the Garage Scene on the web site if you want.

Cheers Wayne.

Hi Terry,
           Here is the latest update on the GSXS 650. The engine mounts are all made up. The fork sliders have been re hard chromed and both wheels have been polished and repainted black. New disc pads all around and a new rear disc, the old one was a cheap and nasty steel one and went rusty just looking at it. Next the motor shell comes out of the frame and all the good bits go into it. I have an Acewell digital speedo/tacho ready to mount on the top triple clamp, it looks good, all the idiot lights are around the outside of the main face. Like I said before , this is a long term project, but the way its going, it might be near completion near the end of the year. Its not going to be a show bike, all my bikes get ridden all the time. I just hope the 6 piston front calipers will pull up all the power of the 650 motor.
        When I took the XS650 to the Island races it rained on the way there along the coast, I don't know what was in that rain, but, all the alloy on the bike and even the stainless steel got pitted, took me hours to polish it all out. I didn't know we had acid rain here. I had a good chat to Ivan while at the Island. Your bike must be close to fuelling up and going for a ride now. Any bet, once you ride it, you will want to do more mods to it, I did.

Cheers for now, Wayne

  PS. The biggest thing with this project bike is choosing a colour to paint it, I will use 2 pack this time, I found these wonderful modern unleaded fuels eat acrylic paints.

As you can see, the motor is now back in the frame. The motor now has 0.75mm oversize pistons, 277 degree crank and cam to suit, new cam chain and guides, new rods, clutch plates, gear lever shaft. I converted the sprocket type cam chain adjuster to the later arm one, I didn't know that the screw adjusters are different , so I had to extend the shaft in the screw another 20mm for it to reach the arm. The head has been ported and polished to match the new 36mm Mikuni's. An oil cooler/filter was also put on.I want to put on a permenant magnet alternator, but Mike "Mercury" can't get those any more and is trying to source a new manufacturer so I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Not having a garage makes it hard to work on in winter as all my bikes are housed on the back veranda.
   I have some coils from Mikes coming here next week and a few other bits as well, next will be wiring and hopefully make up some exhausts.
Cheers Wayne.

UPDATE 14/11/2010

Hi Terry,
            I recently moved house and haven't had time to do any work on the project but have started again. My new house has a big garage and workshop. I fitted up the Acewell speedo unit, new high performance coils, sprockets are now fitted to suit the wider rear tyre. Because of the larger gearbox sprocket and the angle of the chain to the rear sprocket I'll have to make up some sort of guide so the chain misses the gear lever shaft. 90% of the wiring is finished, which was fun combining wiring to suit both bikes. I fitted up a Sparx permanent magnet alternator and will have to make up the ignition to fit onto it, which I will sus out a four cylinder bike to adapt to it. I bought the 2 pack paint and was shocked to see it cost $280.00 a litre, but will look good when it is done. (Bloody want to for that price) It's a Ford colour, Breeze, a metallic green as on the new XR Falcons. There is still alot of things to do before the motor can even be started.
Cheers Wayne.

Update 20/3/2011

I finally got the panel work painted, still have to cut and polish the fuel tank. The exhaust is all tacked together and will be TIG welded later this week. I have to make up remote fuel taps as there isn't enough room under the tank to use the original tap. The trigger plate for the ignition is made and I now have to cut the degrees for the firing onto it. I have to also make up a roller for the chain so it misses the gear lever shaft as I am using an 18 tooth sprocket to allow for the smaller rear wheel. I'm slowly getting there and can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Next is to make up the gear change rods to go onto the footrest mount.



This is going to be a very cool ride when it's finished Wayne.

Update 26/6/2011

Hi Terry,
            The chain roller is all made up now and keeps the chain away from the gear change shaft. You can see my electronic ignition set up on the crank shaft fitted to the Sparx alternator. The gear linkage is finished as well. I took it for a short ride yesterday, it is REALLY smooth, I think it might because of the all alloy frame, but the CDI isn't advancing on one cylinder so I'll have to send it to Small Coil's to get it checked out. I can't wait to take it for a decent ride once the ignition is sorted out.
                                                                                                                                         Cheers Wayne.

But for a crook igniter Wayne's bike is ready to go, can't wait to hear how it performs.

Hi Terry,
            I ended up getting a Probe electronic ignition for the bike and started first kick and runs well and doing all the things it should do. Because the frame is not a Yamaha frame I have to organise a Vehicle Assessment Signatory Scheme (an engineers certificate) but the closest one to me is over 200 Km away in Melbourne. Have trailer will travel. So anyone else who has a different frame or modified needs to have a VASS now or it wont get registered. I'll have to contact this guy and see what stuff I will have to take with me as it's a long way to travel.

Cheers Wayne.