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Bob Bolton's XS1


After these photos were taken I thought I would just replace the clutch oil seal - a few months and heaps of money later I now have a new engine!!! Remind me again why I enjoy this. Entire restoration has taken about three years. Paint job by Dan Murdoch of Sydney. Had one of the first two XS1's in Qld back in 1970 hence the nostalgia trip. Regards Bob Bolton, Rochedale Queensland.

Matt Moloney's Sidecar Racers

Matt Moloney and his sidecar passenger Ash

Matt has spent a lot of time and money building this sidecar racer from a chassis he bought from Walter Preisig in South Australia.
We won't go into specifics about the motor so we don't give Matt's competitors an unfair advantage but we will say this, watch out, Matt's coming!!!

I first met Matt at Barrabool near Geelong and was immediately struck by his boundless enthusiasm for the sport and XS650's in general. He is well supported by Lawrence his dad and Teresa his mum both pictured here.

Matt has now been racing for several years and has made a name for himself and his partner Jake Madden by beating most of the opposition and treating everyone who comes to watch with a display of what a Wasp XS650 sidecar cross machine should go like.

Matt has also been willing to try new things and has experimented with exhausts and DelOrtos and a pull clutch mechanism.


Much of what he has learned will be used on our own club racer to which Matt has donated much time and money for our benefit.


Matt has bought himself a present, an EML outfit.

Matt is using the motor from the Wasp outfit in this one for the time being (it gets swapped about a bit) until the new motor gets finished.

The new one will be significantly more powerful.

Daryl Turner's Tracker

Hi Terry, I thought that you might be interested in some progress photo's of my Tracker. The tank is from a 1983 XT 250 Yamaha, the seat is a fibreglass XR750 Harley replica from Moto Tumbi, classic motorcycle fibreglass, Mick's a great bloke to deal with & I would recommend him to everyone. The paint is my work.  At the moment I'm working on fitting 1984 RZ350 forks & a 1981 GPZ 1100 seven spoke alloy rear wheel (18"). I'll send more photo's as the work progresses.


Darryl Turner.(club member)

Great job Daryl, I just love those trackers!!!

Gerry Di Lucchio's Special

Hi Terry,
Just wanted to introduce myself and send some info on my bike. I have just purchased a 1980 XS 650 Special (pics attached) and become a member of the club. It wasnít the first and definitely not the cheapest one I saw but for some reason this one was the one to buy! Donít know much about the xs but Iím in the process of tidying her up. The site you run is unbelievably informative and has helped me throughout this process. My next step is to contact some of the other members in the Brisbane area so I can really get this bike running sweet. In particular, those $#%$# carbs!!! Or if you know of any one up this way I can see it would be greatly appreciated. I would also like to put my bike on the register you have just for some added protection.


Gerry Di Lucchio

Roger Llewellyn's Special

Roger's bike reminds me of my own special so I think it looks bloody fantastic - Toota

Thursday, 06 November 2014