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  Henry Asensi's 1980 Special

The look of Henry's bike has changed several times during his ownership and the latest is certainly as stunning as any of the previous lives, the very up to date flat black definitely makes an impression, well done Henry.

Warren Marshall's Special

Hi crew, this is my 81 special, I also have a GS1000S,PE175 and my every day ride is an 07 ZRX1200, at the moment the XS is one the bike bench receiving some new bits and pieces, as money becomes available,  Im slowly gathering spares as I here of them, anyway its not flash but its progressing slowly, I dont plan on showing it, but to have it neat and reliable.

The XS is a model that I have liked for a long time, I bought this one from an old bloke in Perth that had it as a spare, I bought it as a non runner, after I found some bits it was going, it starts and runs quite well, just need to do the clutch as it slips a bit, sort out some miner wiring problems and a general tidy up get the polisher going, should look a lot better.

Great web site and I look forward to getting the news letters also I'd like to here from other WA members and would like to try and stir up some more interest over here.

Keep up the good work

Warren Marshall..

Nigel Lovett's 1980 Special Restoration

Hi Folks,

Well here it is, finally finished at last.

I purchased it brand new in 1980 ran it into the ground.

Shelved it in 1987 and have not ridden it since then.

Started the restoration in March this year and now its better than when I bought it brand new. I'm really happy with the job thats been done by Geoff Bamford in Sydney.

I pick it up after Christmas.

Regards, Nigel


Walter Bulyga's TX650

I am a new member and this is the bike I wanted in 1973 - they've gone up somewhat and I am embarrassed how much I paid for this, a long time coming.
Walter Bulyga
South Australia

Who cares how much you paid Walter, as long as it makes you happy it's money well spent and it looks fantastic.

05 May, 2015