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Paul Sinclair's Bikes


Paul's very nice XS650C with cusom paint and badgework but still stock in appearance.


Paul's XS650SG Chopper with extended forks and modified rear frame and seat, and a nice custom paint job.

Craig Bath's '79 Special

Craig has done a nice job tailoring his bike to his needs with a tool bag mounted on the front and new exhaust system and paint job.

Steen Jensen's XS1F

Steen bought his XS1F brand new in 1971 in his native Denmark and tells me his bike was number 24 into the country. Steen now lives here in Oz and still has his beloved XS1F and I have to admit he has done a great job of looking after it, still looks brand new. 

David Webster's XS650B

I have worked on this bike for most of this year , rebuilding motor with new pistons, bearings/seals, performance cam and valves and barrel from mikes xs.  Rebuilt wheels ,paint work, saddle, carbys  and just about every bolt and nut on the bike. I really enjoyed working on this project as parts where a little easier to locate, which has been a problem with some other projects I have tackled!!

23 November, 2015