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Matt Kay's Nitrous XS

Matt has a tale of woe that goes back years, he spent a huge amount of money building his dream bike only to have it fail shortly after getting it going. It turns out that the people he entrusted his dream to had done a less than great job on his motor.

In fact they had done such a terrible job that Matt felt his only option, when they wiped their hands of their responsibility, was to sue them. After getting some help from another of our club members and compiling a list of the things they had fundamentally screwed up on the original build a judge agreed with Matt and awarded him the total cost of the original build.

So now Matt is trying again to build his dream bike with the proceeds from the court case.


Crankcases and barrels are HPC coated as are the pistons. Motor will be 840cc Nitrous Oxide injected.

Matt's dream has finally hit the road. After all the hassles the first time round I hope you enjoy it all the more.

Steve Carle's '78 Special

Morgan Tyrrell's Special

Ken Nobilo's XS650D

Hi Terry,

Thanks for the welcome. I down loaded the last newsletter and as I didn't have the time to read it right then I hit the print button. When I came back to the printer I had a whole book. Just as well I did it at work. Turns out that book is full of good stuff. Well done to those involved.
I caught up with some of your club members at Eastern Creek. A great display of bikes. That's where I decided to join.
I have attached a couple of photos of my bike. I have only had it since October. Looking forward to catching up sometime.

Ken Nobilo