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Willie Pieck"s and Lyn Jenkin's customs



Frame cleaned up, Hagon Shocks, 50mm lower, large TX750 rear brake ( I didn't like the look of the rear disc and mag wheel), Akront rims and stainless spokes, Metzler tyres, front fender is Harley aftermarket item as are footrests, headlight,speedo, tacho, mirrors, forkleg caps etc.Other accessory items include stainless brake lines, indicators, brake res. cover, horn, handle bar grips, mufflers, H4 headlight conversion etc. Custom made parts include 40mm header pipes, shortened rear fender, tail light & number plate bracket, seat, wiring, handle bar electrics hidden, oil filter & oil cooler, numerous brackets and late model side covers. Anything not painted is either polished or plated. Paint is Ford blue metallic liquid azure and Nissan sky blue. The bike has won numerous awards including "Best in Show" and "Best Jap" on several occassions.

Danny Pieck's custom '75 XS650

Danny's bike started life as a XS650B and has been built from the ground up and includes such things as raised drag bars, HD front fender, 16" back wheel and disc, after market headers and mufflers, speedo only, twin discs at the front, late model carbs, custom head and tail lamps and Norton gaiters.

Bill Moran's TX650

Bill tells me this picture was taken just before she hit the road, looks like you've done a fine job restoring the old girl Bill.

Steve Gourdon's collection





November 06, 2014